IOC – Intelligent Operations Center

Intelligent Operations Center is considered the brain, the central nervous system of Organizations/Units. Our Intelligent Operations Center is built on integrated model, connecting to all centers, systems and IT services of the Organizations/Units to collect data for analysis, forecast and directions.

Data from the activities of systems and services in the Organizations/Units is integrated with real-time connectivity to the operations center, helping the center to monitor the activities of the city in real time. This brings about many practical benefits such as increasing the speed of responding to emergencies, assisting the coordination between Organizations/Units and agencies to handle and simulate activities of the whole city in the operations center, thereby effectively assisting the decision-making and development planning for the smart city.

The open data system will provide citizens and businesses with unlimited expandability of services for all areas of daily activities, thereby offering them with services, applications, utilities in a citizen-centric Organizations/Units.

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to build intelligent operations center for Organizations/Units. Our system integration experts, data analysts and administrators will coordinate to build the system closest to the practical conditions. We also provide hardware infrastructure, powerful platform software to serve the building of intelligent operations center.

Our solutions provide the following benefits:
Simulate the entire real-time activities of the city in the operations center, enabling immediate analysis, planning and response.
Coordinate with agencies and Organizations/Units in handling emergencies that take place in the city
Provide many utility services from open data source to serve the citizens such as citizen reports receipt and handling, safe cities, applications for citizens, etc.
Our solutions provide the following functions:
Organizations/Units data integration platform
Interconnected Platform Software (WorldData ESB V9a​​​​​​​) provides a common connection point (software connection) for service systems, software systems in Organizations/Units, from which software services can exchange business information with each other according to standard, mine shared data and transfer to the data center of Organizations/Units. Read more
Identity and Access Management (WorldData IAM V9a​​​​​​) is installed on network platform (internet or intranet), providing Single Sign On (SSO) service for all softwares surrounding the integration service platform, and offering Single Log Out (SLO) as well. Identity and Access Management also provides authorization service for those such softwares and for systems that use single sign on via the software. Read more
System Integration Management (WorldData SIM V9a​​​​​​​) is installed on network platform (internet or intranet), providing dynamic connection services to all systems of software, from websites to mobile apps. Read more
Data Sharing Management (WorldData DSM V9a​​​​​​) is installed on network platform (internet or intranet), providing users a simple query method in which users can use keywords like name, code to search for data stored in directory servers. Read more
Identity Management (WorldData ID V9a) is built on the web platform; the system allows managing the identity information of the unit/organization with the background information of the organization name and identity... Read more
Surveillance System Management (WorldData SSM V9a) installed on the network platform (internet or intranet) makes it possible for Officials/Administrators to monitor integration, centralized authentication, interconnection, and stability of systems surrounding the real-time integrated interconnection software... Read more
Business Process Model Management

​​​​​​​(WorldData BPMM V9a) is the solution that helps Units/Organizations optimize and standardize business processes by making the best use of information and data available in the operation and management, designing user-friendly rules.

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Data Management Service

​​​​​​​(WorldData DMS V9a) installed on the network platform (internet or intranet) provides users with the convenience of creating database query services with configurations...

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Application Programming Interface Management

​​​​​​​(WorldData APIM V9a) is built to manage connections for service systems, and software systems in the Organization/Unit, then software services can securely exchange professional information with each other according to standards...

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Operation system
Operation Management Network (WorldData NOM V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) provides a notification, operation system like a private social network, but has mechanisms to control activities on the network in accordance with standards of agencies and organizations... Read more
Instant Messaging (WorldData IM V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) provides new means of exchanging information on the network environment used by state agencies to quickly transmit messages but ensure confidentiality and safety. Read more
Operation Management (WorldData OM​​​​​​​) allows leaders to assign tasks to subordinates, set the completion time, monitor the progress of handling assigned tasks. Subordinates perform the work, report the work progress, report results of work handling to the leaders. Read more
Synthesize Operating Results (WorldData SOR​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) collects executive guidance information from different systems such as documents, mission assignments, notice network and administration, etc. from which to analyze and evaluate work performance.  Read more
Secured Instant Messaging

(WorldData IMS V9a​​​​​​​) The system is designed in a way that suits all deployment needs and models. It can be deployed publicly for users, or deployed for agencies, organizations in accordance to their preexisting infrastructure or in cloud. 

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Management and Sharing

​​​​​​ (WorldData MAS V9a) is developed for workplace social network platform. The software allows managing systems with complex structure and a great number of user groups. It allows establishing several sub-organizations within a large system...

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​​​​​​​(WorldData EGP V9a) is developed for workplace social network platform. The software helps to build notification system in agencies, create co-working groups, information sharing forums which help leaders manage works, send notification to employees, departments quickly and promptly.

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Content Supervision

​​​​​​​(WorldData COSU V9a) is developed for workplace social network platform. When deploying workplace social network, there will be very strong developments and it will be used more in organizations, more information will be posted which requires professional support tools...

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Document Management

​​​​​​​(WorldData DOCM V9a) is developed for workplace social network platform. The software allows users to create online documents and allows sharing with others as well as real-time online slideshows and corrective interaction with everyone...

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​​​​​​​(WorldData NOTE V9a) is developed for workplace social network platform. The software allows users to create notes, structure documents based on online mind map and allows users to share with others...

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Over The Top (WorldData OTT V9a)​​​​​​​ Over The Top is an Internet-based communication system built on advanced security technologies ​​​​​​ Read more
Meeting agenda system
CoWorking Space (WorldData CW V9a​​​​​​​) is a smart meeting system built with the aim of serving the "Paperless meetings", bringing about smart tools to help provide meeting information, meeting documents electronically.  Read more
CoWorking Vote (WorldData CV V9a​​​​​​​) is developed with the goal of supporting agencies and organizations to carry out electronic voting and opinion polls. The system is designed to be convenient, suitable for different types of needs, voting/opinion poll models, especially integrates maximum security technology to ensure the voting/opinion poll results are not modified or changed. Read more

​​​​​​​(WorldData CABI V9a) is a smart paperless meeting software designed to provide meeting information to participants in the most visual way. The software will be an effective tool to help employees and leaders in managing and attending meetings of their agency...

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Online Meeting

​​​​​​​(WorldData EMO V9a) is a solution to support many people in different geographical locations to participate in a remote meeting together; where they can hear, talk and see each other as if they're in the same meeting room...

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Speech to Text

​​​​​​​(WorldData S2T V9a) is built and developed based on AI technology to convert speech to text...

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Text to Speech

​​​​​​​(WorldData T2S V9a) is a solution for converting text to speech. The software helps enterprises, developers build systems like smart virtual assistants, assistants to the blind. It also supplies application to build intelligent softwares such as automatic book-reader, etc.

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Document for Meeting

​​​​​​​(WorldData DFM V9a) is built with the purpose of providing a diverse data store, helping the searching and archiving of documents in the most convenient and optimal way...

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Meeting Conclusion Support

​​​​​​​(WorldData MCS V9a) is designed with the goal of promoting the conclusion of each meeting, thereby quickly providing meeting conclusion to everyone, facilitating the performance of assigned tasks after the meeting...

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Automatic Attendance using Face Recognition ​​​​​​​(WorldData A2FR V9a) will recognize face instead of fingerprint or card scanner. VMS camera system has the function of collecting images and sending them to the server for processing... Read more
Meeting Logistics

​​​​​​​(WorldData ML V9a​​​​​​​) has all the features to help managers and employees better control and monitor the entire process of meeting room registration and meeting organization...

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Operations center report data platform
Extract Change Load

(WorldData ECL V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) allows analyzing data from different sources, transforming from business data into statistical data and saving to DataWareHouse.

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Data Capture Service

(WorldData DCS V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) allows collecting data from different database management systems of the softwares in near real-time before transmitting the data collected to datawarehouse, thereby assisting the analysis and direction giving.

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Data Capture from Database (WorldData DCDB V9a) is a system built to help gather data from different types of relational databases which might be located in different locations... Read more
Data Analytics and Synthesis Report

​​​​​​​(WorldData DASR V9a) is built to analyze big data from Data Warehouse (DWH). Data from DWH will be analyzed by the software into statistical and analytical data, and then pushed to Data Mart to serve the reporting purposes...

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API Data Integration (WorldData ADI V9a) API Data Integration is a system built for the purpose of collecting data from APIs. Those APIs, provided by organizations and units, can be configured to be accessible or inaccessible on the Internet. Read more
Data management and analysis platform
Index Analytics Dashboard (WorldData IAD V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) helps visualize the entire operations of all fields in Organizations/Units, thereby providing leaders with from detailed to general picture of the system, assisting them in issuing the most accurate decisions and directives. Read more
Index Reports (WorldData IR V9a​​​​​​​) is built on the dynamic configuration of actual reporting forms, automatically synthesizes the report forms to produce consolidated reports according to the actual reporting period. Read more
Smart APP

​​​​​​​(WorldData SAPP V9a) is built on dynamic configuration of report forms, which helps users create report forms instead of inputting data into excel files, print and send reports by filling data to the system and send for approval.

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Local Report Information System

​​​​​​​(WorldData LRIS V9a) is built in the form of Winform, which allows the sending and receiving of electronic documents between the reporting management system of each Organization/Unit to be more convenient and faster.

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Smart Application for Mobile

​​​​​​(WorldData SAFM V9a) is built on the dynamic configuration of report forms to help users create report forms instead of importing data into excel files, printing and sending the report. Users only need to enter the data into the system and transfer for the approval...

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Site reporting service
Citizen Report

(WorldData CP V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) provides different ways for citizens to report about the problems they encounter such as transportation, urban environment, etc.

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Citizen Response Support (WorldData CRS V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) supports comprehensive management of the monitoring and handling of citizen reports. Read more
Citizen Reporting Portal (WorldData CRP V9a) is a tool built to create a better interaction environment between citizen and the authorities, thereby helping to quickly handle citizens’ reports in different areas of life. ​​​​​ Read more
Chatbot (WorldData CB V9a) is developed to replace face to face conversation and other forms of slow communication methods like emails and phone calls. A chatbot never gets tired and constantly obeys orders... Read more
Citizen Feedback

​​​​​​​(WorldData CF V9a) is a component of a smart city system. This is a tool that helps users report general inadequacies as well as those concerning the infrastructure and services provided to the citizens...

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Citizen Reporting Application

​​​​​​​(WorldData CRA V9a) is a tool built to create a better interaction environment between citizen and the authorities, thereby helping to quickly handle citizens’ reports in different areas of life...

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Data continuity system
Business Planning (WorldData BP V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) when the reporting period comes, the system will automatically generate the forms, tasks for the person in charge to grasp the information and proactively upload the data to the system. Read more
Quality Index Monitor (WorldData QIM V9a) allows management and tracking of the works that employees need to perform. The software will automatically generate the works to be performed to control progress and quality, and generate progress reports so that the leaders can grasp the works that employees are doing to adjust and support timely. Read more
Progress Discontinued Support (WorldData PDS V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) ensures that data is always pushed to the system on time, in the right quantity and in the right quality. When there is data discontinuity, the software will support indicating the type of interruption and instructions for processing. Read more
eCalendar and Website
CoWorking Calendar (WorldData CC V9a​​​​​​​) is the system that supports managing and scheduling working calendar for agencies and businesses. The system enables users to schedule meetings with individuals, schedule group meetings, or distribute the use of shared resources within organization in an effective way.  Read more
ePortal (WorldData EP V9a​​​​​​​) is a centre of information integration, a centralized and unique access point that integrates information channels of services, applications. Read more
eCalendar ​​​​​​​(WorldData EC V9a) is a time managing and scheduling system that helps you track daily activities such as personal meetings, meetings of agencies, leaders, work schedules, appointments, events, birthdays and many other useful features... Read more
eCalendar for Organization ​​​​​​​(WorldData EFO V9a) is an online calendar application that helps you organize and manage tasks, and appointments quickly and easily. This system is accessible via various devices such as computers and smartphones... Read more
Public Administration
Public administration system (WorldData OPS V9a​​​​​​​) includes One-stop shop system and Online public services. The system assists agencies, organizations to provide public services level 3, 4 to citizens, businesses. Read more
eGate ​​​​​​​(WorldData EGATE V9a) derives from the rules on professional processing of one-stop dossiers at one-stop administrative agencies. The system allows the computerization of all one-stop public services up to level 4... Read more
Public Service on Mobile ​​​​​​​(WorldData PSoM V9a) application is a software used on mobile devices to provide online public services level 3 and 4, allowing citizens and businesses to search for information of administrative procedures, permitting online dossier registration and dossier lookup... Read more
CCTV and Sensors
Geographic Information System (WorldData GIS V9a​​​​​​​) is the system that displays data of objects on geographic map. GIS maps are often used to describe a large area (a district, a province, a country), on which objects such as schools, hospitals, etc. are presented with specific coordinates.  Read more
Video Management System (WorldData VMS V9a​​​​​​​) is a system that manages, records and displays camera locations visually on GIS map. The system is designed to optimize usage resources, has friendly interface, and is easy to expand. Read more
Camera Content Management System

(WorldData CCMS V9a​​​​​​​) is the camera management system of VMS, integrating the same features as the VMS system and expanding it to suit the needs of users. The software supports visual display of cameras on the GIS map - Geographic Information System.

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Camera AI Secure (WorldData CAS V9a​​​​​​​) is a solution for analyzing and processing camera data, using artificial intelligence technology to automatically give warnings, analysis and statistics to users. Read more
Camera Connection Management

​​​​​(WorldData CCM V9a) helps users manage their cameras in an easy and effective way. Besides, the system is integrated with specialized features to assist units in their management, while serving a variety of using purposes...

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Camera Analytics Management

​​​​​​(WorldData ACAM V9a) is built to apply technology in analyzing and handling situations and cases, promoting the convenience, ease of use and becoming an effective assistant for the Camera AI system...

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AI Event Warning

​​​​​​​(WorldData AEW V9a) is designed to track movements, intrusions, uniforms, crowds, demonstrations, violence, faces, forgotten objects, lost objects, explosions, floods, warnings, crowds, patient bed count in certain time periods by camera, status, level.

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Event Management System

(WorldData EMS V9a) is not only built to handle the surveillance, but also integrated with specialized features that help units manage their operation easily handle and serve a variety of uses...

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Smart Attendance

​​​​​​​(WorldData SMAT V9a) is not only built to handle the surveillance, but also integrated with specialized features that help units manage their operation easily handle and serve a variety of uses...

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Automatic Reception Supervisor

​​​​​​​(WorldData ARS V9a) is not only built to handle the surveillance, but also integrated with specialized features that help units manage their operation easily handle and serve a variety of uses...

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Public Service Monitoring

​​​​​​​(WorldData PSM V9a) is not only built to handle the surveillance but also integrates with specialized features that help units easily manage their operations and serve a variety of uses...

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Automatic Crowd Warning

​​​​​​​(WorldData ACW V9a) is not only built to handle the surveillance, but also integrates specialized features to help units easily handle their operation and serve a variety of uses...

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Automatic Intrusion Warning

​​​​​​​(WorldData AIW V9a) will use object detection to identify people instead of normal surveillance. VMS camera system has the function of collecting images and sending them to the server for processing...

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Automatic Furniture Surveillance

​​​​​​​(WorldData AFS V9a) will base on object detection for identification instead of normal surveillance methods. VMS camera system collects images and sends them to the server for processing...

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Automatic Violence Warning ​​​​​​​(WorldData AVW V9a) will base on behavior detection to monitor the security situation in areas with surveillance cameras... Read more
End user application
Application for cadres, civil servants and public employees (WorldData ESA V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) help staff/managers receive information on all aspects within the organization's operations, as well as receive instructions and administration from superior leaders and perform administrative tasks such as issuing instructions for subordinates, internal interaction within the organization, etc. Read more
Smart Citizen (WorldData SC V9a) is the channel of communication between the citizens and the government, while at the same time providing the citizens with utilities for daily use. Read more
Teacher Application

(WorldData TA V9a​​​​​​​) supports teachers in receiving information from the school, students, parents. Besides, the app also provides teachers with utilities so that they can handle daily tasks on the application quickly.

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Student Application (WorldData SA V9a​​​​​​​) provides convenient functions for students: Receiving school notices, teacher notices, class announcements; Monitoring learning results and other facilities such as timetable, e-library, online learning, forums, etc. thereby helping students to be active in their learning. Read more
Parent Application (WorldData PA V9a​​​​​​​) is a bridge between parents and the school. Parents of students using the application can exchange information with teachers, give suggestions to the school, and grasp the specific learning situation of their children. Read more
Medical Booking Online (WorldData MBO V9a​​​​​​​) provides users and patients with application to remotely schedule their health checks at hospitals and health centers in the area, enabling patients to proactively schedule medical appointments with doctors, take initiative during the checks, reducing the time spent for waiting at hospitals. Read more
Medical Reminder

(WorldData MR V9a​​​​​​​) is designed to provide patients and doctors with an appointment scheduling service, which helps doctors to best schedule patient visits, avoiding overlap between patients.

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FoodSafety for Citizen

(WorldData FSC V9a​​​​​​​) provides and assists inform exchange between citizens and authorities about the situation of food safety and hygiene in the area...

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Doctor Application (WorldData DA V9a) is a software that gives managers and doctors an overview of all information in the smart hospital system under their management such as: Reports, KPIs, Patient Interactions, Incoming & Outgoing dispatches, Schedule, Surveillance Camera and Sensors... Read more
Nurse Application

​​​​​​​(WorldData NA V9a) is a software that gives nursing staff with tools to handle work in the hospital such as: Incoming & Outgoing dispatch, Schedule, Patient Comments, etc. Especially, the software provides tools to interact with patients, help better nursing, care for patients...

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Patient Application

​​​​​​​(WorldData PAA V9a) is a component of the Smart Hospital system. This is a tool to help patients and their family receive information from the hospital and interact with the hospital during the health checking and treating, as well as help their family take better care of patients...

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Smart Tourist

​​​​​​​(WorldData STOUR V9a) is a component of a smart city system. This is a tool to help visitors receive information from the government as well as interact with the government in all aspects of life...

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Smart Tourism Interacting and Marketing

​​​​​​(WorldData KIOSK V9a) is a component of a smart city system. This is a software that helps visitors experience tourist attractions through 360-degree photos or videos, receive information from the government as well as interact with the government on all aspects of life...

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Documents Management System
Document Management Workflow (WorldData DMW V9a​​​​​​​) is built with the goal of creating a professional and effective working environment. The system is built on open standards, scalable and  possible to integrate with many different services.  Read more
eGov Mobile

​​​​​​​(WorldData EGMV V9a) is an app for smartphones. It is built to comply with regulations on handling dispatches, which helps users generate and handle internal dispatches, as well as handle dispatches from other units/agencies quickly and conveniently...

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Social Monitoring
Social Monitoring (WorldData SM V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) supports organizations/agencies with real-time automatic tracking. The system collects, synthesizes and analyzes information on social networking sites. Read more
eLearning (WorldData EL V9a​​​​​​​) allows online trainings to equip individuals of agencies/organizations with professional and advanced knowledge of all fields, thereby helping agencies/organizations to save time and cost consumed for travelling among offices.   Read more
Data surveillance platform
Data Surveillance (WorldData DS V9a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) allows unlimited configuration of monitoring scenarios. Since then the system will automatically monitor, track and perform event handling according to the scenarios when the indicators exceed the threshold... Read more