Data Capture for NoSQL  

(WorldData DCNSQL V9a)


​​​​​​​Data Capture for NoSQL is a software built to help collect data from different types of NoSQL databases which might be located in different locations. The collected data will then be brought back through different connections including connection to API, connection to other databases.

The software allows all changes of NoSQL database such as adding, changing, deleting to be collected and brought to the axis of data integration, or to be put directly into another database. This stored data will serve the analysis, strategic planning and the operation of the entire system.

There are 2 options for the software to collect data:

- Getting data changes from database management systems of the softwares in the system. If there is a change, the software will synchronize, retrieve data to ensure low data transfer volume, and ensure to obtain historical data (get data of update, deletion).

- Periodically retrieving data with the purpose of determining the time of data retrieval. When it is the time to retrieve data, the software will scan the data corresponding to the query generated from the configuration process. This option will make it more difficult in identifying updated records and deleted records


1. System administration

- Allow logging in/ out

2. Manage connection

- Allow managing connections to un-relational database

- Allow configuring frequency of data capture

- Allow aggregating data during capture

3. Manage datasource capture process

- Display keyspaces in need of NoSQL data capture

+ Display the list of tables in keyspaces

+ Display data tables in a keyspace

+ Display notifications of data tables in keyspaces.

+ Display relevant request by drag and drop configuration

+ Allow previewing data from selected tables

+ Allow selecting/unselecting a table in keyspaces

+ Allow selecting/unselecting several tables in keyspaces

+ Allow selecting/unselecting fields on the table that needs data capture 

- Schedule data capture

+ Configure real-time data capture

+ Configure to periodically capture crontime, driventime data

4. Configure target to bring the retrieved data to the target

- Allow configuring database target

- Allow configuring API stream target

5. Display configured processes

- Allow viewing process initialization time

- Allow viewing process modification time

- Allow turning processes on/off

- Allow displaying the processes being performed

- Allow displaying paused processes

- Allow displaying inactive processes

-  Allow starting the process of collecting data on the graphical interface

- Allow pausing data collection process on graphical interface

- Allow searching for configured processes

Software architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: Java

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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