Surveillance System Management

(WorldData SSM V9a)

Giới thiệu

​​​​​Surveillance System Management installed on the network platform (internet or intranet) makes it possible for Officials/Administrators to monitor integration, centralized authentication, interconnection, and stability of systems surrounding the real-time integrated interconnection software.

WorldData SSM V9a (Surveillance System Management) is an indispensable component in the process of building integrated systems and integrated connections among closely monitored systems, monitoring the exchange of information among the software, tracking the authentication process and representing in charts.

Integrated interconnection monitoring: The software supports the monitoring of integrated services according to response time of services, number of requests to services, time, errors occurring from services.

Statistics, reports: The software shows the monitoring via charts with statistics by time, hour, date, from the analysis of the monitoring.


1. Synthesize surveillance data

- Support receiving data from event sources through Java agents (Thrift, Kafka, JMS), JavaScript clients (Web Sockets, REST), and IoT (MQTT).

- Support publishing events to an API for batch processing in real time.

- The ability to access analysis services through comprehensive REST API.

2. Extensive and powerful query language for processing temporary event streams

- Support query language like SQL, filter events by condition.

- Support creating new event streams by merging existing event streams.

- Perform temporary queries in different windows.

- Detect and respond to different patterns and events

- Start with in-memory data stores and RDBMS to correlate historical data with real time.

- Support partition to achieve parallel processing.

- Maintain the implementation plan templates.

3. User-friendly enforcement management

- Suitable for business users to edit and manage real-time execution logic.

- Support users to interact with forms instead of SQL queries.

- Provide modeled queries and logic to hide complexity.

4. Support a variety of event models

- Events are modeled as set of metadata, correlation data, and payload data

- Support types of various attribute including integral, floating, string and Boolean types.

5. Extremely high-performance event capture and delivery framework through Apache Thrift

- Support publishing agents to install into java systems.

- Support agents collecting data in other languages (C/C ++/C #) through Thrift language constraints.

- It is possible to expand horizontally to support huge volume of events

6. Support multiple surveillance notification mechanisms

- Support surveillance events with data in XML, JSON, Map, Text format via JMS protocol.

- Support E-mail notification, SMS notification.

- Support calling services to notify RESTful and Web services.

- Support SOAP on any transport protocol.

- Supports Kafka, MQTT, File, Websocket and Email protocols with JSON, XML and Text messages.

7. Scaling, deploying with high availability

- Support distributed real-time processing.

- Support deploying the number of queries that partition them to different servers.

- Coordinate in event organization and status sharing.

8. Support queries of long duration

- Queries can have a much longer lifespan than server uptime.

- Support through HA deployment and snapshot deployment.

- Periodic snapshot support can store all status information and windows into expendably sustainable repositories.

9. Integrated, real-time and batch analysis

- Analyze both sustainable and real-time data with one product.

- Quickly execute batch programs by using Apache Spark.

10. Data storage and high-level language

- Use SQL-like query language with an easy-to-learn structure.

- Develop complex real-time queries by using Siddhi query language like SQL.

- Analytical queries can be expanded with Spark SQL.

- Support RDBMS (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL) as data storage for deployment in low to medium enterprises

- Support for HBase and Cassandra as NoQuery storage to deploy Big Data enterprises.

11. Management and surveillance

- The ability to create custom dashboards and gadgets that provide an overview as well as a detailed view.

- Detect status and create notifications and notify in real time (email, SMS, push notifications, physical sensor alarms, etc.)

- Comprehensive management and surveillance of Web Dashboard with enterprise-level security.

- Integrate the collection and surveillance of statistics of performance and standard access.

- Support flexible logging with integration into the enterprise logging system.

- Support to show rich data through control panel.

- The ability to simulate through an Event Simulator.

System architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: Java

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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