Smart Application for Mobile ​​​​​​​

(WorldData SAFM V9a)


​​​​​​​Smart Application for Mobile is built on the dynamic configuration of report forms to help users create report forms instead of importing data into excel files, printing and sending the report. Users only need to enter the data into the system and transfer for the approval.

The software improves the effectiveness of reporting, management, and synthesis of report data. Those will be rationalized at the highest level. The previous cumbersome procedures such as entering data into excel files, or drafting and interpreting in text, then printing and sending paper reports will be replaced by direct entering or importing data on the software, which makes it easy for officials/users to capture the operation status of the unit, if the target is achieved or not, the comparison to the same period, to other units.

In addition, the reporting that often takes a lot of time is now simplified when using this software. Users quickly collect data, create report templates in real reporting periods, thereby having more time to focus on handling other specialized tasks.


1. Manage reports

- Configure the report tree group:

+ Create a new tree group

+ Configure the status of the report tree group

+ Configure the properties of report tree group

+ Edit a report tree group

+ Drag and drop the report tree groups on the list of report trees

+ Delete a report tree group

- Set up permissions on node of the report tree:

+ Add a new permission on node

+ Assign the permission to departments/positions

+ Assign the permission to users

+ Edit the permissions on node

- Establish the display on tree:

+ Add a new list display

+ Arrange the default reports:  column name, type, order.

+ Configure the display list of nodes: column name in database; display name, column width, arrangement by column

- Configure child node on the report tree:

+ Select parent node

+ Configure type of node

+ Configure properties of node

+ Select access right to node

+ Configure the indicators displayed on node

+ Select the list of columns to be displayed and arrange

+ Configure the query to data of node

- Set up system resources

- System log

- System configurations

- Action log

- Set up system monitoring report

2. Manage report forms

- Set up the field of report

+ Create a new field of report

+ Set up properties of report field

+ Edit the field of report

- Set up report period

- Set up report mode

- Set up template of report form:

+ Configure the group of templates

+ Configure the type of template

+ Configure the properties of template

- Design the report form of data report:

+ Add a new form of data report

+ Select template for data report form

+ Select the workflow for data report form

+ Configure the data title, data type of column in report form

+ Configure the display on user interface of the data report form

+ Edit data report form

- Set up the form of explicit report:

+ Add a new form of explicit report

+ Select template for explicit report form

+ Select the workflow for explicit report form

+ Configure the display on user interface of the explicit report form

+ Edit explicit report form.

- Set up the form of list report:

+ Add a new form of list report

+ Select template for list report form

+ Select the workflow for list report form

+ Configure the display on user interface of list report form

+ Edit list report form

- Set up numbering, code table, number signs, archives, keywords.

3. Configure catalog and target

- Configure template keys.

- Configure group template keys.

- Configure query template keys.

4. Business functions of report form system

- Create reports.

- Synthesize report data

- Transfer reports for further handling

- Import/Export reports

- Display and search for reports

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: C#, JS, .Net Framework

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Windows server 2019, x64


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