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​​​​​​​eGroup​​​​​​​ is developed for workplace social network platform. The software helps to build notification system in agencies, create co-working groups, information sharing forums which help leaders manage works, send notification to employees, departments quickly and promptly.

The notification system allows sending notifications to all employees in the agency; allows creating, deleting general notification groups for the whole agency, each department or each group. The system helps to send notices, internal rules, meeting conclusions, project implementation plans, etc. to officials through the created notice groups, helping the information reach officials quickly and accurately.

The operating system helps to create working groups with co-working space, which can be set to be open or closed to manage access right and ensure that appropriate people have access to appropriate information. This helps to create an environment for exchanging ideas, discussing and sharing information widely, quickly, fully and promptly. People will communicate with each other, understand, be closer to each other. Leaders can direct employees more easily.

The groups are designed to be scalable, providing detailed authorization mechanisms, thereby helping organizations create a flexible customization system according to its internal structure. Every agency is divided into divisions, and employees in different divisions still need to exchange with each other. Therefore, in addition to creating separate categories for different divisions, the system also allows to create working groups under a certain time-limited program or project.

The system also allows creating many different forum groups, when users receive a notification from the system, their computers and phones will immediately display such notification with its abstract, name and photo of the sender. Whenever new information is posted, users can leave their comments, likes, etc. which helps to increase interactivity within the organization.


1. Notify

- Build notification system for unit, organization, enterprise

- Create co-working groups, discussion forums which help the leaders operate their organization, send notifications to all employees, departments quickly and timely.

- Allow sending notifications to all employees, creating, deleting general notification folders for the whole organization, each department or each group.

- Send notifications, regulations, meeting conclusions, project plans, etc. to all staff via the created notification folders, helping information reach the target individuals in the fastest and most accurate way.

2. Create working groups

- Create working groups: Its command and operating system helps to create working groups with co-working space, where users can exchange their ideas, discuss, share information widely, quickly, fully and timely.

- Set privacy: The groups can be set to be public or closed, which assists the managing of access permissions and ensures that only authorized persons can access the groups’ information.

- Authorize, approve: Provide mechanism for detailed authorization, which helps organizations build systems that suit their internal structure.

- Create forum group: The system also allows creating a lot of forum groups. When users receive notifications, their computer, mobile phone will display notifications with abstracts, name and image of the senders.

- Manage posts: Allow users to post, tag, edit tag, delete tag, add file, delete file, view number of new posts.

- Handle posts: Allow users to edit the posts, see posts in their group, view files and videos attached to the posts, view images in the posts, search for posts in their group.

- Interact: Allow users to interact with posts, remove reactions, edit reactions, see interactions to posts.

- Comment: Allow users to add comments, compose comments, tag others in their comments, reply to comments, see comments, delete comments and edit comments.

- Notify: Allow users to view notifications of their group, view status of the notifications, see detailed content of the notifications, see notification popups, configure notifications.

- Manage personal information: Allow users to update their name, age, date of birth, hobbies, favorite quotes, events, avatar, cover photo.

3. Features for group administrators

- Manage group: Allow admins to see group structure, add new groups, edit group information, change group level, order groups, delete groups, search for groups.

- Configure group: Allow admins to configure privacy, permissions to post/approve/comment to posts.

- Manage group members: Allow admins to add new members, add new admins, add new moderators, delete members, delete admins, delete moderators, see member list, approve members.

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, JavaScript

- Database: NoSQL, MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 16 CPU cores

- Ram: 32GB

- Disk: 1TB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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