Content Supervision ​​​​​​​

(WorldData COSU V9a)


​​​​​​​Content Supervision is developed for workplace social network platform. When deploying workplace social network, there will be very strong developments and it will be used more in organizations, more information will be posted which requires professional support tools. In addition, the social network also needs to control negative factors which directly affect the cultural environment and the common interests of the organization. Therefore, the development of a reasonable solution to manage and monitor the social network in accordance with the organization's regulations is essential.

The software allows managing and monitoring contents on social networks to ensure the information provision complies with the organization's orientation, while the information approval is done automatically and semi-automatically to reduce manual personnel. When detecting bad content by keywords, AI technology will automatically hide such content temporarily by putting it in a waiting list. The software also provides approval tools for each category and for the entire social network.

In addition, the system provides tools to produce statistics on the use of social networks, so that leaders can see the overall picture of applying social networks in work management, which action is effective, which is not as effective as expected, thereby introducing new policies to increase effectiveness.


- Allow authorizing approval of posts

- Allow viewing the list of posts waiting for approval

- Allow returning posts waiting for approval

- Allow approving posts and uploading them to the system

- Allow editing posts waiting for approval

- Allow marking posts as spam

- Allow configuring basic keywords for quick identification

- Allow configuring deep keywords for AI system

- Allow statistics on violated posts

- Allow statistics on violated comments

- Allow statistics on violated chats, videos, images

- Allow statistics on violated users

- Allow reviewing posts suspected of violation

- Allow statistics on claims

- Allow notifying about violations

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, JavaScript

- Database: NoSQL, MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 16 CPU cores

- Ram: 32GB

- Disk: 1TB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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