Document Management ​​​​​​​

(WorldData DOCM V9a)


​​​​​​​Document Management is developed for workplace social network platform. The software allows users to create online documents and allows sharing with others as well as real-time online slideshows and corrective interaction with everyone. Users can create and edit text documents right on their browsers without the need for specialized software. Multiple people can work at the same time and all changes are saved automatically.

The software has a browser version so it can be accessed anywhere without installing on your computer. As long as you have internet connection and a browser, you can access the Document folder and use it. Any document or slideshow is stored the server system with user's account, so security of your organization's document system is guaranteed and will not be controlled by any other party like when we use other popular services on the internet. The software also supports all common file types, including .doc, PDF, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html.

The software supports real-time comments, chatting and editing. Collaborative teams work on a single document. They can view the edits when others are typing, communicate through integrated chat and raise questions, comments and so on.


- Allow logging in user accounts

- Allow managing archived folders

- Allow managing archived files

- Allow sharing archived folders and files with other via email

- Allow multiple users editing document at the same time, allow automatic display and real-time storing

- Allow authorizing specific permissions to each user

- Allow creating multiple types of popular documents, including text, spreadsheet, slideshow.

- Allow online showing of documents, allow connecting and displaying synchronously on multiple devices.

- Allow users to leave their comments on documents

- Allow users to communicate online with each other

- Allow users to upload, download documents

- Allow users to monitor the history of document edit, edited versions

- Allow users to view the contents modified by others real-time

- Allow users to interact with documents via application on phone or via browser

- Support multiple different types of documents

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, JavaScript

- Database: NoSQL, MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 16 CPU cores

- Ram: 32GB

- Disk: 1TB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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