Chatbot for Citizen Report ​​​​​​​

(WorldData CCR V9a)


​​​​​​​Chatbot for Citizen Report is developed to replace face to face conversation and other forms of slow communication methods like emails and phone calls. A chatbot never gets tired and constantly obeys orders. It will continue to operate everyday throughout the year without having to rest. Unlike humans who can only communicate with one person at a time, chatbot can simultaneously chat with thousands of people. Regardless of the time and the number of people interacting with chatbot, each of them will be answered immediately.

Chatbot combines many different natural language processing algorithms to analyze user requests and give the most appropriate answers. The system has a website for administrators to do the management, monitor and update conversation scripts. Chatbot has a Database system which stores the system's conversations with users so that system administrators can monitor and update information promptly.

The system is designed to use resources optimally and integrated with advanced functions depending on the requirements of users.  It also has friendly interface and is easy to expand. The system supports authorization at different levels for different user. The authorization is performed in groups and is carried out by system administrators through an intuitive software interface.


1. Auto questions and replies

- Allow displaying chatboxes between users and chatbot.

- Analyze user requests with natural language processing algorithms installed

- Allow displaying replies according to the pre-configured messaging scenario to match with user requests.

2. Manage auto messaging scenarios  

- Allow displaying the list of auto messaging scenarios

- System administrators can search for auto messages

- Allow system administrators to add, edit, delete auto messaging scenarios

- System administrators can activate/deactivate auto messages

3. Message archive

- Allow automatic archiving of messages between users and chatbot

- Allow displaying the list of conversations by time, users, status (chatbot with answers - no answers)

4. System settings and other management functions

- Allow management of users, user groups, permissions for each user group

- Users can update personal information, log in, log out

- Allow changing the language used on the site and selecting the current time zone

System architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: Java, Javascript, Erlang

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Hbase

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

Individual: < 10,000 Users

- Memory: 32 GB

- Storage: 256GB SSD; 500 GB HDD

- CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 32C/36T

Organization: < 100,000 Users

- Memory: 128 GB

- Storage: 256GB SSD; 1 TB HDD

- CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 32C/36T

Government: > 1,000,000 Users

- Memory: > 256 GB

- Storage: > 256GB SSD; > 2 TB HDD

- CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 125C/36T


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