Citizen Feedback ​​​​​​​

(WorldData CF V9a)


​​​​​​​Citizen Feedback is a component of a smart city system. This is a tool that helps users report general inadequacies as well as those concerning the infrastructure and services provided to the citizens, thereby assisting the authorities in handling issues effectively and improving the living and working environment for the people.

The software supports citizens, tourists and businesses to comprehensively report the issues upon detecting inadequacies by sending information with photos and videos attached to the Center for monitoring and management of smart cities (IOC).

Through user’s interaction and location tracking being enabled on their smartphone, all information is transmitted and stored in the IOC. When there is an issue that needs to be reported, citizens can use the software to send information, images and videos to the center. Immediately, all information including images/videos, description, location and sender's phone number will be received, classified by the IOC before being transferred to competent authorities for handling.

The whole process of handling reports is public, through which citizens can monitor, interact and evaluate the report handling of each agency. The process of report receiving, handling as well as the result are posted online so that citizens can monitor the whole process until the final result becomes available. Citizens can easily report the incidents and damages to the area’s infrastructure including transport infrastructure, water supply and drainage, lighting, greenery, electricity, telecommunications, public transport, social safety and order, and quality of tourism services, etc. They can also report the acts of delaying, causing troubles or not complying with regulations by officials and public servants during public administrative procedures. This is a social sensor channel through the reception of reports from citizens.

In addition, this solution is also considered an effective tool to contribute to cost savings, as well as promote the application of information technology to support cadres and urban management bureaus in capturing and handling in time the acts violations, urban incidents, ensuring 24/7 incident response. Managing authorities and the leaders can monitor the activities of social order violations and handling in the area in a synchronized manner, while citizens can look up information related to public services, as well as monitor and evaluate the results of the handling activities and public administration quality.

The software promises to be a tool that supports leaders and agencies in managing, monitoring and operating their work; an information channel for citizens and businesses to easily send their reports to the authorities and agencies quickly; a solution to reduce and limit the situation of dossier being misplaced, avoiding harassment and negative actions that can arise related to the report handling process. The system, when operated stably, will promote the effectiveness, reduce costs for the entire political system, save time and costs for the citizens and businesses, and so on.


1. For administrators

- Manage accounts: Add new account, block/unblock accounts, view account list, edit user information, delete users, reset password, set expiration time for passwords.

- Manage report groups: View the list of moderators, search for moderators, add/delete moderators, view the list of administrators, search for administrators by names, assign administrators, delete administrators, change group avatar, change group category, add/edit/delete/search for groups, change post types/group order/parent-child structure, configure groups.

- Manage report topic: Add/edit/delete topics, order topics on the list

- Statistics: View evaluation statistics, view handling status statistics

- Authority announcements: Add/Edit/Delete announcement topics, post announcements, Edit/Delete announcements, Mark/Unmark as important announcements

- Urgent notices: Add/Edit/Delete urgent notice topics, post/edit/delete urgent notices, Mark/Unmark as important notices

- Instant messaging: Add/Edit/Delete support accounts, assign topics to support accounts, support citizens (chat)

2. For citizens

- Login/Logout: Direct login/login via Facebook/login with Gmail account, save/send request when forgetting password, confirm and change password, direct sign-up, sign up with Facebook/Gmail account, log out, update user information, change avatar/phone number

- Notices: View notice list, receive/view notices

- Citizen reports: Add new citizen report, send photo/video reports, as new post in the form of an attachment, drag and drop post, view photo before sending, delete unsent photos, format reports, insert photos to posts, tag users, edit reports, view report edit history, search for/delete/copy link/follow/preview posts, view posts in groups, view photos/files attached to the posts, view reports of his/her own, view report location, Look up/statistics/turn on video reports, auto turning on/off of videos, filter posts, configure the display

- Comments: View comments, add/edit/delete/reply to comments, add emoji, add file to comments, get the list of older/newer comments, tag users

- Rating: View number of reports by topics, view ratings of topics, view statistics on handling status, add/edit/delete ratings

- Collection: Add/Edit/Delete collections, view the list of posts included in the collections, order the posts of time of creation/save, search for posts/collections, get the list of newer/older posts in the collections

- Authority announcements: View the list of Authority announcements, view each announcement by the authority

- Urgent notices: View the list of urgent notices, view details of each urgent notice

- Chatbot: Look up civil status services, look up food safety permits, look up security and order issues, look up regulations on hydroelectric dam safety, look up resident registration, look up import and export management, vehicle registration lookup, Immigration lookup, weather lookup, etc.

- Instant messaging: Send reports via chat/file attachments/photos, express emotions to messages, send links, view the list of attachments/links/photos

- Call center: Call and get auto replies, call supporters, etc.

System architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: Java, Javascript, Erlang

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Hbase

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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