Citizen Reporting Application ​​​​​​​

(WorldData CRA V9a)


​​​​​​​Citizen Reporting Application is a tool built to create a better interaction environment between citizen and the authorities, thereby helping to quickly handle citizens’ reports in different areas of life.

The system allows citizens to: easily send their reports to the authorities via computers or smartphones, get replied right on the software, get notified upon new handling comments, communicate with the officer in charge of handling. All these things will make the handling of reports quicker and more accurate.

The application allows state agencies to immediately receive the reports from citizens. Officers who are in charge of handling the reports will get notified via their smartphone, while corresponding tasks are generated by the internal system. When completing, officers can directly send replies to the citizens.

Via the application, citizens will feel more motivated to send their suggestions to the authorities, thereby helping to improve the living environment, ensure social security and getting citizens closer to the authorities.


I/ Administrators

1. Account management

- Allow adding new account, blocking/unblocking accounts, viewing account list

- Allow editing/deleting user information

- Allow resetting passwords

- Allow setting expiration time for passwords

2. Report group management

- Allow viewing moderator list, allow searching for/adding/deleting moderators

- Allow viewing admin list, allow searching for administrators by names

- Allow assigning administrators, deleting administrators

- Allow changing group avatar, changing group categories

- Allow searching for/adding/editing/deleting groups

- Allow changing post types, changing group orders, changing parent-child structure

- Allow configuring groups

3. Report topic management

- Allow adding/editing/deleting topics

- Allow ordering topics on the list

4. Statistics

- Allow viewing rating statistics

- Allow viewing statistics on handling status

5. Authority announcements

- Allow adding/editing/deleting announcement topics

- Allow posting announcements

- Allow editing/deleting announcements

- Allow marking/unmarking announcements as important

6. Urgent notices

- Allow adding/editing/deleting urgent notice topics

- Allow posting/editing/deleting urgent notices

- Allow marking/unmarking urgent notices as important

7. Instant messaging

- Allow adding/editing/deleting support accounts

- Allow adding/editing/deleting support topics

- Allow assigning support topics to accounts

- Support citizens (chat)

II/ Citizens

1. Login/Logout

- Allow direct login

- Allow login via Facebook

- Allow login with Gmail account

- Allow saving password, allow sending request when forgetting password, allow confirming and changing password

- Allow direct sign-up, sign up with Facebook/Gmail account

- Allow changing password, updating user information, changing avatar, changing phone number

2. Notices

- Allow viewing notice list

- Allow receiving/viewing notices

3. Citizen reports

- Allow adding new citizen reports, allow sending photo/video reports

- Allow adding new posts in forms of attachments

- Allow dragging and dropping for quick posting

- Allow viewing photos before sending, deleting unsent photos, formatting reports, inserting photos to posts

- Allow tagging users, editing reports, viewing report edit history, viewing posts in groups

- Allow searching for/copying/following posts, previewing content before posting, viewing photos/attachments of posts

- Allow users to view reports of their own, view report location, look up reports, statistics, turn on report videos, etc.

- Allow filtering posts, configuring display 


- Allow viewing replies, adding/editing/deleting/replying to/adding emojis/adding attachments to comments

- Allow getting the list of older/newer posts

- Allow tagging users

5. Rating

- Allow adding/editing/deleting ratings

- Allow viewing statistics on the number of reports by topics

- Allow viewing ratings by topics

- Allow viewing statistics on handling status

6. Collections

- Allow adding/editing/deleting collections

- Allow viewing the list of posts included in the collections

- Allow ordering the posts of time of creation/save

- Allow searching for posts/collections, getting the list of newer/older posts in the collections

7. Authority announcements

- Allow viewing the list of Authority announcements

- Allow viewing each announcement by the authority

8. Urgent notices

- Allow viewing the list of urgent notices

- Allow viewing each urgent notice

9. Chatbot

- Allow looking up civil status services

- Allow food safety permits lookup

- Allow lookups about: security and order issues, regulations on hydroelectric dam safety, resident registration, import and export management, vehicle registration, Immigration, weather, etc.

10. Instant Messaging

- Allow sending reports via chat/file attachments/photos, expressing emotions to messages

- Allow sending links, viewing the list of attachments/links/photos

11. Call center

- Allow calling and getting auto replies

- Allow calling supporters, etc.

System architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: Java, Javascript, Erlang

- Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Hbase

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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