eGov Mobile ​​​​​​​

(WorldData EGMV V9a)


​​​​​​​eGov Mobile is an app for smartphones. It is built to comply with regulations on handling dispatches, which helps users generate and handle internal dispatches, as well as handle dispatches from other units/agencies quickly and conveniently.

WorldData EGMV V9a (eGov Mobile) is built with the goal of creating a professional and effective working environment for agencies, businesses and organizations (aiming to create an e-government operating model). The app is designed to suit all needs and deployment models. It is possible to be deployed to state agencies at all levels, to large enterprises or smaller companies with dozens of employees. It is also a collection of complete solutions for agencies, organizations and businesses.


I/ Manage dispatch tree

1. Configure dispatch tree group

- Allow creating new tree group

- Allow configuring the status of dispatch tree group

- Allow editing dispatch tree group

- Allow dragging and dropping to configure dispatch tree group

- Allow deleting dispatch tree group

2. Configure permissions of the nodes on dispatch tree

- Allow adding new permissions for the nodes

- Allow configuring authorized divisions/positions

- Allow configuring authorized users

- Allow editing node’s permissions

3. Configure display on dispatch tree

- Allow adding new list display

- Allow configuring default dispatch arrangement: Configure column name, arrangement type, order

- Configure display list of nodes: Configure column name in database; configure display name; configure column width, etc.

4. Configure sub-nodes on dispatch tree

- Allow selecting parent nodes, configuring node type, configuring node attributes

- Allow selecting access to nodes, configuring display indexes, configuring display column list and corresponding orders

- Allow configuring the request to retrieve data of the nodes

II/ Manage dispatch type

- Configure dispatch field: Add new dispatch field, configure dispatch field attributes, edit dispatch field

- Establish dispatch professions: Configure professions related to incoming dispatches, configure professions related to outgoing dispatches

- Establish dispatch form: Create new dispatch form, edit dispatch form

- Establish variable numbering: Create new variable numbering, edit variable numbering

- Establish code table: Select variable numbering, select division to use the code

- Establish dispatch records: Select dispatch professions, select division in charge, authorize viewers, select code table template

- Establish sending methods, address, agency identity code, agency information

- Establish dispatch type: Select dispatch profession, select dispatch form, establish permissions, configure the list of dispatch records, select dispatch procedures, establish display list

III/ Functions related to dispatch professions

- Create outgoing dispatch: Enter dispatch information, attach related dispatches, attach files

- Receive incoming dispatches: Enter dispatch information, select issuing agency, scan dispatches, insert multiple photos

- Send dispatch for handling, select dispatch direction, select receiver: main handler, co-handler, division to get notifications, individuals to get notifications

- Send multiple dispatches at the same time

- Digitally sign the dispatches: Configure personal signature, select signature location, digitally sign the dispatches, insert issuing number, insert date/month/year of issuance

- Classify dispatches: Select dispatch type/select sending direction/select dispatch receiver

- Notify dispatches: Select individual/unit to get notified, select individuals to be notified by position/division

- Allow sending handling comments, retrieving dispatches, scheduling issuance, selecting dispatch records, generating dispatch serial number, selecting signer, selecting issuance date, etc.

- Allow issuing number for interconnected dispatches, issuing numbers for internal dispatches, ending/updating dispatches, saving dispatches to personal records, searching for dispatches, etc.

IV/ User management and authorization

- Allow managing users/user groups

- Allow managing divisions: Create, delete, update division information

- Allow managing positions: Create, delete, update positions

- Allow managing titles: Create, delete, update titles

- Allow managing agencies: Create, edit, delete agencies

- Allow managing identity codes: Create, edit, delete identity codes

- Allow managing users within a division: Create, edit, delete users within a division

- Allow managing roles: Create, edit, delete roles

- Allow managing authorization: Create, edit, delete authorization

- Allow managing permissions: Create, edit, delete permissions

V/ Procedure management

- Allow configuring new dispatch flows, editing/deleting dispatch flows, configuring dispatch nodes, editing node information, configuring node interface, configuring dispatch actions, searching dispatch flows, configuring professions, configuring controls, configuring display interface

- Allow creating/editing/deleting dispatch interface

- Allow configuring holidays, off-days, make-up time, etc.

System architecture

Technical solutions

- Programming language: C#, .Net Framework

- Database: MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Windows server 2019, x64


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