Smart Tourism Interacting and Marketing

(WorldData KIOSK V9a)


​​​​​​​Smart Tourism Interacting and Marketing is a component of a smart city system. This is a software that helps visitors experience tourist attractions through 360-degree photos or videos, receive information from the government as well as interact with the government on all aspects of life. The software can be personalized to notify specific information to each user, keeping users updated with the latest information.

The software is built based on open standards, therefore it can be expanded and integrated many different services. It is developed for both computers and mobile devices with many accompanying functions.

WorldData KIOSK V9a (Smart Tourism Interacting and Marketing) is to serve the tourists, helping them master their trips in the most convenient way by providing them with relevant information through features such as: Introductions about tourist attractions and foods, Travel guides, Travel planning, 360-degree videos, Traffic, Health, Emergency, etc.

Furthermore, the software allows users to search for and compare prices of tourism-related products, and stay updated with the products’ status. It is also an effective tool that helps cost savings, promotes the application of information technology for communication between tourists and businesses, between tourists and the government. Through this channel, all information can be sent to citizens, tourists in an effective way without consuming too much cost and manpower.


1. Manage accounts

- Allow sign-in, sign-up

- Allow account sign-up with discount/voucher offers

- Allow receivers with either the same or different addresses compared with the registered users.

2. Display and show promoting videos/images

- Allow displaying or showing 30-degree videos or images to promote tourism industry of the locality

- Allow taking photos/capturing videos/gaming (related to tourism of the locality)

- Allow videos that introducing about the locality’s culture – traditions – festivals – arts

- Allow videos that introducing about the locality’s foods and drinks

3. Provide introduction, schedule travel

- Provide introductions about tourist attractions, foods and drinks, famous restaurants, shops, hotels, historical places, amusement parks.

- Allow quick scheduling for the travel: Selection by the number of days (one day/several days/2 days and one night/3 days and 2 nights, etc.)

- Allow selection of schedule by purpose (culinary tourism/discovery tourism/culture tourism, etc.) or by type (single/friends/family, etc.)

- Promote the download of the app (for tourists) through QR code scanning.

- Provide useful warning information (for example: warnings about COVID-19).

4. Order, search for tourism products

- Allow tourists to order tourism products.

- Allow searching for product packages, providers, allow lookup of tourist attractions, etc.

- Allow comparing the products, service to serve the selection of suitable ones: Compare among service packages, among service providers, etc.

5. Provide information about the tours, tickets and ticket prices – booking

- Allow online booking of tours.

- Allow online purchase of tickets.

- Provide information about tickets and ticket prices (yacht, amusement parks, and so on), hotel booking, restaurant booking, etc.

- Allow advance selecting and booking of tickets and products that have been added to the system.

- Allow selecting goods like:

            + Tickets (individual ticket, group ticket, tickets for different groups of people, tickets for special groups of people).

            + Hotel, restaurant booking.

- Provide support information and service (when necessary).

- Provide information and instructions on ticket refund, hotel booking cancellation.

- Allow confirmation of hotel booking, purchase order, purchased tickets, completed orders.

- Provide warning when users do not follow the instructions or when there are errors when users fill in incorrect information (displayed when what users are doing do not match the standard).

6. Support several payment methods

- Allow users to pay for the services they used in different methods: Indirect or direct payment, COD, payment via linked electronic wallet, payment via bank account, etc.

- Connect to online shopping platform and support express delivery.

7. Support Chatbot and multi languages

- Allow context-based support with Chatbot.

- Allow multi languages.

8. Feedback, rating and reports about the services

- Conduct online survey about the satisfaction of users (evaluation after using the service): encourage participation of tourists by offering discounts.

- Allow online evaluation about service quality, suppliers, portal quality, etc.

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java

- Database: MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64; Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 16 CPU cores

- Ram: 32GB

- Disk: 1TB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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