Secured SoftPhone

(WorldData SS V9a)


Secured SoftPhone is an Internet-based communication system built on advanced security technologies. The system provides such features such: sending messages, sharing documents, videos, pictures as well as voice calling and video calling.


1. Account Sign up

- Allow importing phone number and selecting the country when registering an account.

- Allow confirming the registration by sending an activation code via SMS.

- Allow updating personal information right after completing the registration such as: Import full name, avatar (from gallery or take a photo) if it is registered for the first time. For the next times, this step is skipped.

2. Contacts

- Allow browsing the contact list.

- Allow searching for contacts by name or phone number. Search results prioritize recently used contacts.

- Allow editing 1 contact such as: edit name, change avatar, add another phone number to the existing contact.

- Allow adding 1 contact.

- Allow deleting 1 contact.

- Allow messaging, calling, video calling from 1 contact.

- Allow sharing 1 contact

3. Call log

- Allow viewing call log (incoming, outgoing, missed and related times), or viewing missed calls only.

- Group the log by day.

- Allow messaging, voice calling, video calling from the log.

- Allow deleting call log.

- Allow messaging, voice calling, video calling from a call log.

- Allow creating a contact from a log.

- Allow adding 1 phone number from the log to an existing contact.

4. Message

- Allow sending messages directly to others.

- Allow sending documents, images, videos to others.

- View the recipient's viewed status.

- View when each message was sent.

- Delete the message.

- Allow browsing the list of exchanged documents, images, videos.

- There are new message notifications when the phone is not in use and when the screen is off.

- Allow creating exchange groups.

- Allow adding or removing members from exchange group.

- Allow sending text messages, documents, pictures, videos to all group members.

- Allow renaming groups.

- Allow naming nicknames for group members.

5. Voice call

- Allow direct calls to 1 other person.

- Allow group calls to others.

- Allow receiving calls directly from others.

- Allow receiving calls from 1 group of many other people.

- Allow turning on the loudspeaker, muting the sound, ending a call while receiving a call.

- Allow changing from voice call to video call.

- Allow adding participants to the current call.

6. Video call

- Allow video calls with 1 other person directly.

- Allow group video calls.

- Allow receiving calls with direct images from others.

- Allow receiving video calls from 1 group of other people.

- Allow turning on the loudspeaker, muting the sound, ending a call while receiving a call.

- Allow switching from video call to voice call.

- Allow adding participants to existing video call.

- Allow turning off your image during a video call.

7. Magic pad

- Allow quickly searching for the person in need of contact with pressing just from 1 to 3 number keys corresponding to the first letter of the name. For example "2 6 4" corresponds to "England".

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, Javascript, Erlang

- Database: MySQL, Hbase

- Operating system: Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 16 CPU cores

- Ram: 32 GB

- Disk: 2 TB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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