Index Analytics Dashboard ​​​​​​​

(WorldData IAD V9a)




​​​​​​​Index Analytics Dashboard helps visualize the entire operations of all fields in Organizations/Units, thereby providing leaders with from detailed to general picture of the system, assisting them in issuing the most accurate decisions and directives.

The system is built in platform orientation, making it possible to be flexibly customized for configuring display, quickly order the scenarios based on data sources and each individuals.  

The system allows displaying the figures visually, displaying from general to detailed figures, producing analysis, comparisons with other same periods, comparisons with other localities, thereby helping the leaders have the deepest view of the data being analyzed.
Besides, the system can connect with SOP warning systems for auto tracking of the indicators.


Data visualization 
- Mechanism to configure general data (generated based on several component indicators) in a flexible way from different data sources (economic-social source, document management source, etc.) 
- Allow data analysts to disaggregate each layer of the indicators, in which the later layer will include the details of the previous layer, until the source layer. 
- Customize the display of targets (KPIs), visually compare the current indicators with targets to see the percentage of accomplishment. 
- Flexibly configure and customize the above/below thresholds for each indicator for auto tracking and visual color-based warning, making it possible to easily detect abnormal indicators. 
- Manage the charts to display data in different formats, from different angles of views, thereby having deeper analysis. 
- Smart data filter, allowing the data analyst to customize the display according the fields and data types that he/she wants to analyze. 
- Some other tools: Allowing setting calculation formulas like on Excel (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT, etc.) and using advanced SQL syntaxes to display data .
Customize display, personalize display    
- Allow responsive display based on the type of the devices, with different screen sizes and operating systems. 
- Configure color and size for each chart, etc. helping the deeper and more visual analysis. 
- Customize theme of the user interface based on the need and interest of each user. 
- Dashboard management by dragging and dropping and through visual configuration for each chart, each dashboard, helping the configuration easier. 
Strict authorization     
- Allow from general to detailed authorization, including access authorization, display authorization, authorizing each type of data, each data agent, etc.  
- Allow flexible authorization system, including Super Admin, Office Admin, Sub Admin, etc. for the strict management of accesses and manipulation on the system. 
Multi-connection to data sources     
- Support connection to diversified data sources like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, HortonWork, and so on. 
- Data source management, allow  synchronization of data structure of data sources with the system, while the auto  synchronization mechanism helps data analysts to master the data structure right on the system. 
- Allow re-defining data fields, relation among data tables without impact on the data sources. 
- Provide or support customization to SQL templates so that analysts can use or customize based on the data and the parameters.
- Automatically customize the queries to ensure system performance.
Multi-dimensional integration    
- Integrate with smart warning system to automatically monitor the indicators. When there are indicators that are below/above the threshold, the system will automatically alert the operators.
- Integrate with the system to ensure the continuity of data to alert when there are data, indicators not updated, so that the operator can monitor the operation of the system.
- Integrate with smart operation system to help the operators view the figures and immediately give directions to the subordinates.
- Integrate with the leaders’ application so that leaders can monitor indicators whenever needed.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​


Technical solutions used

- Programming language: C#, JS, .Net Framework
- Database: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle
- Operating system: Windows server x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores
- Ram: 8 GB
- Disk: 250 GB
- OS: Windows server


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