Index Reports

(WorldData IR V9a - DIPV9A.IR.BU)



​​​​​​​Index Reports is built on the dynamic configuration of actual reporting forms, automatically synthesizes the report forms to produce consolidated reports according to the actual reporting period.

The actual report forms are drafted and interpreted in text so it is difficult to analyze the unit's performance, to see whether the target is achieved, to see how it is when compared with other same periods, compared with other units.

Index Reports allows dynamic configuration of report forms, aggregate multiple report forms into summary reports, which simplifies the process of sending reports from subordinates.

The system allows configuration of the report display in different forms such as displaying the total index table, displaying charts for data analysis, displaying text describing report content and other utilities such as viewing reports by period, exporting reports, reading report automatically (text to speech), etc. 


Dynamic forms, dynamic processes    
- Data source, query management allows to manage the configuration of queries to retrieve data, can choose different data sources for data retrieval, etc.
- The system provides mechanisms to dynamically generate report forms according to the actual use of each unit. It is possible to add or edit the forms during deployment.
- Allow creation of aggregated report forms, that is, data of the aggregated form is generated based on data of the component forms.
- The form when making reports through the levels will be transferred according to the dynamic approval flow. Such dynamic flow can be customized to configure more nodes, add locations; while data approval roles on the system are appropriate with organizational structure and actual operation of the unit.
Visualize consolidated reports    
- Allow general report management, display reports according to different report templates based on the configuration on the system.
- Display summary reports visually such as displaying data in the form of charts, displaying comparisons to other same periods, comparing with other units so that readers can view the figures in different dimensions.
- Display report information on visual reports, it is possible to add additional text for explanation, add text attachments.
- Allow viewing reports by time, by reports periods like quarter, month, year, by fields, etc.
- Export report into documents to send upwards
- Read reports automatically (text to speech)
Flexible authorization     
- The system provides a mechanism that allows dynamic configuration of permissions, authorizing different roles according to users’ working units, positions, etc.
- Authorize each report form so that the report maker only sees the report forms in which he or she is in charge of reporting.
- Authorize each report reader so that he/she only sees the reports of his/her subordinates, reports from units under his/her management.
Connect with other systems    
- Connect with smart operation systems so that report readers can give directions right when reading the reports.
- Connect to the leaders’ application so that the leaders can read reports right on the app.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​


Technical solutions used

- Programming language: C#, JS, .Net Framework
- Database: MySQL 7
- Operating system: Windows server 2019 x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores
- Ram: 8GB
- Disk: 500GB
- OS: Windows server  2019 x64


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