Data Surveillance ​​​​​​​

(WorldData DS V9a)



Data Surveillance allows unlimited configuration of monitoring scenarios. Since then the system will automatically monitor, track and perform event handling according to the scenarios when the indicators exceed the threshold, when there is false data, data not updated, etc.

The system is dynamically configured to automatically monitor all indicators for the monitoring and operating at operations centers. Indicators, when monitored by the system, will ensure that the data sources of the indicators are always connected to bring data back regularly; indicators exceeding the thresholds and so on will be alerted smartly to responsible people for handling.


Dynamic configuration of monitoring scripts, monitor each indicator    
- Alert configuration allows the definition of many different monitoring scenarios such as: monitoring by threshold, monitoring the continuity of data provision, monitoring data formats.
- Allow unlimited configuration of multiple monitoring scenarios for the same indicator.
- Dynamic configuration of roles and positions of different actors participating in the system for each indicator.
Smart alert    
- Set the levels for the individuals to receive alerts, like: upon receiving alert level 1, if there is no handling after a number of time, there will be alerts level 2, 3.
- The hierarchical alert leads to a warning as if you find that the data is not updated, it will check the network connection warning first, if there is a network connection error, it will not warn of data connection loss.
- Alerts according to the importance and urgency level of the alert, if it needs to be handled immediately, it is sent via SMS; to grasp information, it is sent by mail; to ensure processing and reporting of the results, then send it in Warning processing system. 
Multi-platform connectivity    
- Allow connecting to unlimited systems of development and provision platforms such as OS, Database, network platforms.
- Alerts are sent according to the different job management platforms of each organization: alert handling system, mail, SMS, notification on individual app.
Strict authorization     
- Allow system administrators, dynamically configure the agents participating in the system according to flexible authorization system.
- Allow configuring each participant with different roles: processing roles, monitoring roles.
- Allow configuring each permission to each agent: Permission to configure alerts,  permission to turn off alerts,  permission to forward alerts.
Statistical monitoring    
- Allow statistics, from general to detailed, of the alert groups that have been executed, the warnings, the contents of warnings that have been sent, the individuals who have received/processed.
- Statistics on situation of handling alarms, from general to detailed, including the number of warnings received, number of warnings processed, number of overdue warnings, number of unprocessed warnings of each department, of each individual.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: C#, JS, .Net Framework
- Database: MySQL
- Operating system: Windows server x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores
- Ram: 8GB
- Disk: 150GB
- OS: Windows server  2019 x64


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