Quality Index Monitor

(WorldData  QIM V9a)



​​​​​​Quality Index Monitor allows management and tracking of the works that employees need to perform. The software will automatically generate the works to be performed to control progress and quality, and generate progress reports so that the leaders can grasp the works that employees are doing to adjust and support timely.

The software is designed to help the data input person to ensure the progress and quality of the data put into the system. It also helps the manager to understand the progress and methods of the employee to support and adjust if necessary, thereby ensuring the quality and schedule of the data input.


Progress control    
- Automatically generate progress reports for tasks that need to be performed on time to remind the executors and managers to keep track of progress.
- Automatically generate progress reports for different short and long tasks, long tasks will require more progress reports to ensure that the performers remember to do the work.
Quality control    
- The system automatically generates a request to report the results of the work so that the person who performs it will report his/her managers with information like the content done, how to perform it.
- The manager, upon receiving a performance report, confirms the content of completion or returns a request to redo the job. 
- Manage work progress reports; produce statistics, from general to detailed, of progress reports to be done during the day, over a time period for each employee.
- Work management, statistical reports of the works to be performed by each employee.
- Produce and send statistics of the number of unreported progress reports, the number of overdue progress reports by subordinate employees to the leaders to grasp the situation.
- Allow connection to the reporting system to control progress, quality for each indicator.
- Connect with systems like mail, tasks, SMS to perform progress reports, send alerts of progress reports to each individual.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: .Net Framework, C#
- Database: MSSQL Server 2019 64bit
- Operating system: Windows server 2019 x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores
- Ram: 8GB
- Disk: 250GB
- OS: Windows server  2019 x64


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