Operation Management Network

(WorlData NOM V9a)



​​​​​​​Operation Management Network provides a notification, operation system like a private social network, but has mechanisms to control activities on the network in accordance with standards of agencies and organizations. Through the system, the leaders can quickly send notices and operation directions to many people at the same time. People can respond to such announcements and directions through the comment function.

Everyone in the organization can also share information, share files through the system or participate in discussing information posted by others on the network.

The topics for announcements and directions are grouped. The groups are authorized to specific users, with specific roles and there are members with permissions to censor the contents posted to such groups to ensure that they strictly follow the organization's standards.


News feed, notifications     
- Display the latest news from authorized groups or posted by members of the organizations.
- Display aggregated information that users need to view.
- Notify users when there is news that users are interested in.
- Follow posts, news and approve posts, categorize posts if users have permissions to.
Information exchange group     
- Provide shared groups so that all employees in the organization can follow, when there are announcements from the leaders, everyone can receive.
- Provide separate groups according to different topics and different groups of participants.
- Members of the organization can create different groups and add other members to to exchange and discuss topics of interest.
Organize, personalize    
- The administrator can specify groups that require all members of the organization to participate in order to receive announcements and directions from the organization. It is possible for the rule that everyone posting information on the group must be pre-censored before display.
- Individuals can choose to join or leave groups created by other individuals.
- Individuals can choose to follow, unfollow the news that they do not care about.
- Customize the display interface by individual, by organization, by group.
Flexible authorization     
- The software has the ability to manage the organization, authorize individuals, authorize departments, positions, etc. according to the structure of the organization.
- Authorize by groups, by group's functions such as viewing permissions, post creating permissions, permissions to comment in posts, permissions to get notifications.
- Allow adding departments, titles; authorize groups for the administrators of the organization.
- Authorize the use of system resources, limiting system resources size to individuals in the organization.
Smart notification     
- Hierarchy notification system according to the content posted, such as news required to receive, news to receive and new news will have different display scenarios on user device.
- Configuration based notifications such as groups that are always notified, messages posted by the leader are always notified, and turn off notifications with less concerned groups.
- Group news with the same topic, news by time period for notifications.
- Allow turn on/off notifications by time.
Handy notes    
- Allow users to create quick notes, by tags, by groups.
- Allow taking notes in the form of xmind tree of knowledge to breakdown the contents.
- Share notes with other members.
Always available documents      
- Allow document folder management in the same directory structure as Windows explorer management.
- Allow authorizing, sharing folders with other members of the organization.
- Allow editing doc, excel, powerpoint files  right on the page
- Integrate with reporting system to be a new way of directing for leaders.
- Integrate with the app for leaders so that the leaders can give directions right on the app.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, JavaScript
- Database: NoSQL, MySQL
- Operating system: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores
- Ram: 8GB
- Disk: 250GB
- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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