Operation Management

(WorldData OM V9a)


​​​​​​​Operation Management allows leaders to assign tasks to subordinates, set the completion time, monitor the progress of handling assigned tasks. Subordinates perform the work, report the work progress, report results of work handling to the leaders.

The software helps organization leaders, department leaders to assign tasks simultaneously to one or a group of employees, set a time to complete the work, control progress and completion results of the works. Employees can keep track of the works assigned by their leaders, perform the works and update the progress and report the final completion to the leaders.


Smart report    
- General to detailed reports help the leaders to grasp the situation of task handling in the organization, the situation of task handling of each department/division, of each leader, each employee.
- Reports of employees/departments that have completed the assigned tasks well, those that have not performed well, and those with too many overdue tasks.
- Configure announcements, reports by time period, by departments, by positions, by task groups.
- There is a tool that helps each employee to know the tasks that he/she has been assigned, the tasks that need to be handled immediately, the tasks that are overdue.
Task assignment    
- Allow leaders to assign tasks to individuals or groups simultaneously.
- Allow dividing large tasks into many small tasks and assigning to many individuals to complete the original task.
- Allow configuring whether or not progress reports are, the frequencies of progress reports.
- Allow managing tasks assigned by groups, by topics and allow requesting immediate progress reports for tasks of interest.
- Manage operating information with basic features such as cancelling tasks, approving tasks, revoking tasks, changing task handlers, reviewing progress reports.
Mission management    
- Allow individuals to manage their tasks according to the time of completion, task types, the people assigning the tasks.
- Issuing authority management allows adding, changing, removing or viewing history of issuing authorities.
- Automatically generate progress report requests and notify the handlers to actively update the progress report.
- Allow sending progress reports; retrieving, editing and resending progress reports; allow replying to progress reports. 
- Allow extending the time for progress reports, time to complete the works.
- Notify users about information of tasks to be processed, task status, tasks that need progress reports, etc. so that users can know and fulfil the task.
Flexible authorization     
- Allow authorizing each individual according to the role on the system.
- Allow assigning permissions such as creating tasks, reporting, and completing tasks, etc. 
- Configure the interconnection between the Task management system of leaders and Task management system of subordinates; interconnection among operation management softwares of different organizations to enable cross-organization mission assigning.
- Allow interconnecting with document management system to search for documents, attach tasks to documents in accordance with state regulations.

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: .Net Framework, C#
- Database: MSSql Server 2019
- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores
- Ram: 16GB
- Disk: 500GB
- OS: Windows server 2019 x64


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