Synthesize Operating Results

(WorldData SOR V9a)



​​​​​​​Synthesize Operating Results collects executive guidance information from different systems such as documents, mission assignments, notice network and administration, etc. from which to analyze and evaluate work performance. The software collects data from other operation direction software such as: documents, mission assignments, notice and administration network, instant messaging and so on to form a large data warehouse for analyzing, monitoring and synthesizing the results of operation direction.

The analytical data summarizing the results of the operation directions are displayed visually, from general to the detailed, from leaders to executives. With the software, the top leader can view the situation of the directions’ execution of the subordinate leaders, as well as view the situation of handling the executive instructions by the whole units and by each individual.


Summary of results of operation directions    

- Summarize the results of the work like the number of executive instructions in the organization, how many executive orders have been completed, how many are being implemented, and how many are overdue.
- Summarize the number of directives of each leader in the organization, to see how many directives have been received, how many have been completed, how many have not been completed, and how many have been overdue.
- Summarize the results of the implementation of each department's direction to see the number of instructions received, the number of instructions completed, uncompleted and overdue.
- Summarize implementation by each individual in the organization.
- Statistics of violations that need to explain and evaluate the effectiveness of the executive direction of each leader in the organization.
- Statistics of alerts that need to be processed, assess the effectiveness in the implementation by each department, each individual in the organization.

Track operation directions    

- Allow tracking each operation direction, to see who gives the direction, who is performing, what is the process and what is the result.
- Allow sending additional directions, changing to support the implementation of sent directions.
- Monitor each individual and each department to see the situation of executing and directing.

System integration    

- Allow integration with systems like operation direction system, mission management system, document management system, human resource management system, etc. to collect data and analyze the situation of sending/receiving the operation directions. 

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: .Net Framework, C#
- Database: MSSql Server 2019 64bit
- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores
- Ram: 16GB
- Disk: 500GB
- OS: Ubuntu Server


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