CoWorking Space

(WorldData CW V9a)


​​​​​​​CoWorking Space is a smart meeting system built with the aim of serving the "Paperless meetings", bringing about smart tools to help provide meeting information, meeting documents electronically. The system helps completely eliminate the use of paper documents during the meeting, saving time and costs spent for organizing the meetings.

CoWorking Space is designed to meet all needs, meeting models, from large meetings, conferences with scale up to thousands of people to small meetings with only a group of people. Meeting time, number and participants can be changed in a flexible and customizable way.
CoWorking Space supports multiple platforms, helping end users to easily use, access information, search for documents on mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones or personal computers.

CoWorking Space provides easy and convenient administration, ensures data safety and security on the transmission line between terminals and server system.


Manage meeting agenda    

- Manage meeting agenda, create, edit, and delete meeting agenda.
- Allow selecting members to join the meeting.
- Support statistics, summary of meeting agenda.
- Support the classification of meeting agenda.

Manage meeting documents    

- Allow creating custom document folders, multi-level directory trees.
- Allow uploading documents. Allow a document to be uploaded only once but appear in multiple folders.
- Support to create audio files from the document files.
- Allow arranging the order of documents in the same folder.

Manage the content of meetings

- Allow dividing meeting content by time frame.
- Allow linking meeting contents with related documents.
- Support exporting all meeting contents to PDF or Word files.

Manage logistic information for the meetings    

- Manage the contacts serving the meeting. Support creating many different types of contacts such as internal contacts, delegate accommodation contacts, health contacts, transportation contacts, etc.
- Manage the information about the meeting venues.
- Manage the information of meeting positions, meeting rooms.

Manage  meeting participants    

- Manage the list, information, photos of meeting participants.
- Allow grouping of participants to authorize access to documents and voting rights.

Support electronic meeting invitation    

- Allow sending meeting invitations.
- Allow confirming attendance.
- Allow sending meeting materials in advance.

Manage  information aggregated from the press, social networks    

- Manage information aggregated from newspapers, social networks.
- Allow automatic aggregation of information from newspapers, social networks; automatically convert text messages into audio messages for automatic listening and reading.

Manage and administer the statements in the meeting    

- Allow creating exchange topics in the meeting.
- Allow meeting participants to register to speak on topics or optionally.
- Allow the summary of speech registrations, intelligent display of statements.
- Allow the chairman to chair the meeting through Dashboard. The chairman can actively adjust the order of the speeches.
- Allow the chairman to set a time limit for each speech.
- Allow smart time reminders for speakers, including reminder of next speech, reminder of time running out, etc.

Connect  to the transcript system    

- Connect to the transcript system
- Connect to transcript at the end of each meeting.

Provide  the interpretation system for the meeting    

- Allow automatic interpretation during the meeting.
- Allow interpretation in forms of subtitles or audio for live listening.

Connect to the voting system     

- Connect to the voting system.
- Smart display of voting data.
- Allow electronic voting.
- Allow or disallow remote voting.
- Connect to the system of managing documents, assigning missions, and tracking of missions assigned to members based on the conclusion of the meetings.
- Display missions being tracked.
- Connect to the system for looking up reference materials, documents. 
- Support smart searching for materials, documents. 

Record attendance automatically    

- Allow automatic attendance record.
- Allow checking the readiness of participants.

Send notification    
- Send notice to each member, each member group or all members attending the meeting.
- Support displaying notifications on mobile devices.

Hierarchy management     

- Authorize system access.
- Authorize users to documents.
- Authorize viewing of information about the meeting agenda, logistics, etc. 

Features for meeting participants    

- Support multiple platforms, support both computers and mobile devices. With mobile devices, the system supports deployment as an app, thereby providing users with smooth experience. Support updating and displaying notifications on mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
- Smart display of meeting documents and reference materials, in-depth analysis materials. Support organization of viewing documents by folder, by group. Support two methods of viewing documents and listening to documents by voice. Support using electronic pen or keyboard to add notes, highlights for documents. Support smart document search.
- Support viewing of meeting agenda by time frame, by day, by session. With each time frame, the system will smartly display the summary content, allow viewing of documents related to that time frame. Allow viewing the summary of the meeting in the morning and afternoon. Support searching by meeting content.
- Support viewing information about the logistics, meeting seats, location of the meeting room, accommodation, health, facilities, restaurants, etc.
- Support smart assistant on mobile devices, including voice commands, text recognition, translation, transportation, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, etc. 
- Allows voting on mobile devices or computers. Support remote voting. 
- Support smart search, voice commands. 
- Allows offline operation, allow viewing documents, agenda, meeting location, etc. even without internet connection

System architecture

Used technical solutions

- Programming language: .Net Framework, C#, Python, Java, Swift, xCode
- Database: MSSql Server 2019 64bit
- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores
- Ram: 16GB
- Disk: 500GB
- OS: Windows server


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