Document Management Workflow ​​​​​​​

(WorldData DMW V9a)


​​​​​​​Document Management Workflow is built with the goal of creating a professional and effective working environment. The system is built on open standards, scalable and  possible to integrate with many different services. 

The system is designed to suit all needs and deployment models of units with up to thousands of people, meeting all necessary needs such as- Processing documents, processing one-stop records, reporting, warning overdue - expired, public services level 1-4, and so on.  

Package them all together into one single product.

The system applies common technology standards such as SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SOAP, etc. creating wide compatibility with other systems. 

Document management software can be connected with many other document processing systems, with many browsers such as IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc. and with many devices such as- Computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc. and completely independent of operating system. 


Manage, send for approval of incoming documents 

- Allow importing documents from scanners, entering documents via the Internet, via email, fax, etc. directly on the software.

- Allow attaching several files to the documents.

- Allow selecting automatic or manual numbering.

- Allow importing/transferring documents in batches.

- Allow selecting the display of documents- direct display or display as attachments.

- Allow automatic deleting of scanned files on users’ computers after importing and transferring the documents.

- Allow defining the number of document pages to for direct display on the software interface.

- Allow self-defining handling and forwarding flow for incoming documents.

- Automatically gather answers (for documents collecting opinions) for each document flow. 

- Allow submitting for approval by leaders, printing self-defined submission documents.

- Allow reporting, updating progress, leaving comments. 

- Allow retrieving sent documents for re-handling. 

- Automatically record document sending history, prioritize documents, set deadline for each document, report on work handling progress, etc.

Manage outgoing documents, submit for approval 

- Allow drafting outgoing documents, printing self-defined outgoing document submissions. 

- Allow attaching multiple files to the documents, allow submitting for opinions by leaders about intended receiver list and work content for each departments. 

- Allow retrieving sent documents for re-handling. 

- Allow gathering all related documents to create a profile before sending for handle. 

- Allow sending documents to many for handling, prioritize documents before sending. 

- Allow setting deadlines for each document before sending, allow keeping track of such documents’ handling progress. 

- Allow reporting on document handling progress. 

- Automatically record document sending history, allow automatic or manual numbering outgoing documents based on document type and in batches. 

- Allow automatic notification to specialist who generated the document when the document is published. 

- Allow specialist generating the document to enter details for publication. 

- Allow notifying documents to related individuals, departments when the documents are published. 

- Allow managing versions of these documents.

Manage internal documents, submit for approval 

- Automatically save document sending history. 

- Number the documents. 

- Automatically gather answers when users create opinion sheets and send to other users and other groups of users.

- Allow administrators to design templates according to workflow within the agency.

- Allow notification to the people involved upon document publication.

- Allow transferring documents to multiple processors simultaneously.

- Allow retrieving and re-processing of documents, allow prioritizing documents, allow setting handling deadlines for documents. 

- Allow reporting progress of the work.

- Allow version management.

Manage work records 

- Create work records, update handling results.

- Create, delete documents in records, authorize management of records.

- Create records in hierarchical form for easy management.

- Allow dragging and dropping document from one record to another.

Share file, manage contacts: 

- Send files of any formats directly from one logged in user's computer to another logged in user's computer.

- There’s no limit to the number of recipients for a file transfer. There is no limit to the number of files of each transfer.

- Create contact list with full information of each contact.

- Automatically update new email sending addresses, new email receiving addresses to the contact list.

Opinion poll 

- There’s no limit to the number of simultaneous opinion polls.

- There’s no limit to the options per opinion poll.

- Allow specifying the amount of time allowed to submit opinions per poll.

- Allow selecting the list of users to be allowed to participate in/view the results for each poll. 

- Authorize those who are entitled to create opinion polls.

Online notification system

- Automatically notify users when there is new information.

- Automatically send notification to a user's mobile phone if he/she is currently not logged in to the document management system.

- Allow creating of notification authorization strategy for the agency.

Search, store, exploit information

- Basic and advanced multi-criteria search, look up of incoming/outgoing documents, work records, etc.

- Prepare reports on incoming/outgoing documents over time period. 

- Prepare reports on work handling situation over time period.

- Provide a tool to see how the documents are handled, who are handling, who will be the next handlers, etc. 

- Print incoming/outgoing document books, print reports on document processing state.

System architecture

Used technical solutions

- Programming language: C#, .Net Framework

- Database: MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- RAM: 16GB 

- DISK: 500GB 

- OS: Windows server 2019, x64


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