Citizen Response Support ​​​​​​​

(WorldData CRS V9a)



Supports comprehensive management of the monitoring and handling of citizen reports.

The software is designed to be flexible to suit almost all agencies, organizations and enterprises. Depending on the size, organizational structure and operational regulations of each organization/agency/business, the software can be configured accordingly.

The software supports comprehensive management of the monitoring and handling of citizen reports. Allow timely connection and receipt of reports from citizens via email, phone, document, chat. Automatically create, receive reports and assign tasks correctly: via phone, SMS, via the software, etc.

The software integrates popular chat channels like Facebook, Skype, etc. allowing citizens to interact with top experts and specialists for the purpose of handling their reports. Provide officials with necessary tools and features for the purpose of handling and responding to citizens’ reports. Provide managers with necessary tools and features for the purpose of monitoring and statisticizing data.

The software allows the interaction and information exchange among different Units/Departments while coordinating to handle and respond to citizens’ reports, making the act of citizens support professional and dedicated


Time configuration management module    

- Manage working time

- Configure, edit working time configuration. 

- Manage works, configure work/leave time. 

- Manage work shifts. 

- Manage workloads. 

- Manage the amount of works. 

- Configure holidays of the year. 

- Manage work leaves. 

- Manage overtime working. 

- Manage work distribution. 

- View history of work distribution. 

- Restore work distribution.

Sample answer management module     

- Configure sample mails. 

- Manage sample mails. 

- Manage units using sample mails. 

- Search for mail samples. 

- Configure sample SMS. 

- Manage sample SMS. 

- Manage units using sample SMS. 

- Search for SMS samples. 

- View history of email update.

- Restore emails. 

- View history of SMS update. 

- Restore SMS.

Module for citizen support & care management    

- Manage citizen profiles: add new, edit, delete, view history, search for, etc. citizen profiles. 

- Manage report handling. 

- Manage citizen report sending. 

- Manage maps. 

- Manage images. 

- Manage related issues. 

- Send handling content by email. 

- Send handling content by sample email. 

- Search by ID of sample emails. 

- Search by name of sample emails

- Send handling content by SMS. 

- Send handling content by sample SMS. 

- Search by ID of sample SMS. 

- Search by name of sample SMS

- Manage alerts: alerts about coming due reports, alerts about expired reports, etc.

Connection management module    

- Statistics of work shifts by units, weeks, months, quarters, years, etc. 

- Statistics of support rate by units, weeks, months, quarters, years, etc.

- Statistics of citizen responses.

System administration module    

- Manage users 

- Manage user roles. 

- Manage user groups. 

- Manage permissions of groups. 

- Manage user information. 

- Manage logins, logouts. 

- Manage personal accounts. 

- Manage database: Backup database, Restore Database

- Manage shared categories. 

- Manage status categories. 

- Manage work categories. 

- Manage company structure. 

- Manage units, departments. 

- Manage system access log. 

- Manage notifications. 

- Manage flows, functional configuration.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: .Net Framework, C#

- Database: MSSql Server 2017 64bit

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 2 CPU cores

- Ram: 8GB

- Disk: 250GB

- OS: Windows server  


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