Camera AI Secure ​​​​​​​

(WorldData CAS V9a)


​​​​​​​Camera AI Secure is a solution for analyzing and processing camera data, using artificial intelligence technology to automatically give warnings, analysis and statistics to users.

The system ensures the cameras are monitored automatically and continuously. When there are any abnormal behaviours, violations, the system will alert the administrators or related parties.

The system helps investigation and video analysis in the future to be simpler and easier through video summary tool.

The system supports authorization at different levels for different users.

The authorization is performed in groups and is conducted by the system administrators through an intuitive software interface.


VMS management    

- Manage the list of VMS.

- Support popular VMS types like ZoneMinder, MileStone, etc.

- Support retrieving image data from VMS cameras.

- Support retrieving video file data from VMS.

- Report storage capacity of analytical videos saved on the system.

Dashboard display     

- Customize information displayed on the Dashboard.

- Display overall information of camera system, VMS, video.

- Display list of alerts.

- Display reports summarizing the alerts.

- Allows dragging and dropping to customize the sizes of displayed charts.

- Allow the configuration of parameters to export synthetic reports.

- Allow the configuration of alert parameters, alert methods.

Manage alert charts    

- Allow changing alert chart type.

- Allow filtering alert types.

- Allow configuring colour and size of display attributes of alert charts.

- Allow separate display of alert charts on separate screens and tabs.

- Allow exporting images of alert charts to .doc, .pdf, .png, .jpeg formats, etc.

Real time alert    

- Alert of intrusion to areas at pre-configured times on the Dashboard.

- Alert of movements in areas at pre-configured times on the Dashboard.

- Alert of crowds in areas at pre-configured times on the Dashboard.

- Alert of demonstrations in areas at pre-configured times on the Dashboard.

- Alert of acts of violence in areas at pre-configured times on the Dashboard.

- Alerts of searching for wanted people according to the records added on the Dashboard.

- Alert of searching for wanted vehicles according to the records added on the Dashboard.

- Configure a scenario to handle alerts according to the timeframe of alert, time period, location, type of alert, form of alert.

- Alert via email added on the Dashboard.

- Alert via SMS registered with the Dashboard management interface.

- Alert on the digital map at the location where the alert appears, type of alert, the time of alert, video to review the event, history of alerts at the location.

- Alert of moving fixed objects.

- Alert of forgotten objects.

Investigation, analysis    

- Search for objects in video, localize the object, and export the object tracking video.

- Classify objects by type: people, motorcycles, cars, etc.

- Classify objects by features: color, style.

- Search for faces based on the face profiles in the object profile management interface on Dashboard.

- Search for license plates according to a list of license plates from the Dashboard search interface.

- Aggregate video summarizing objects from uploaded videos or shared videos from VMS systems.

- Filter by region.

- Filter by travel direction.

Traffic monitoring     

- Monitor traffic density in selected areas.

- Count the number of vehicles moving in a selected direction.

- Identify license plates.

Reporting features    

- Report density, quantity by time/by region.

- Report in chart format.

- Report in the form of heat maps.

- Report automatically and periodically.

Management features    

- Manage users to add, delete, and decentralize users by time and area.

- Manage license plate records, registration information, and detection history.

- Manage face profile, object information, detection history.

System architecture

Used technical solutions

- Programming language: C/C++, Python, swift, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

- Database: MySql 7, postgresql

- Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04

Hardware requirements

Individual < 50 Camera

- Memory: 64 GB

- Storage: 256GB SSD 8 TB HDD

- CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 18C/36T

- GPU: 1x Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIe

Organization < 300 Camera

- Memory: 128 GB

- Storage: 256GB SSD 16 TB

- CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 18C/36T

- GPU: 2x Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIe

Government > 300 Camera

- Memory: > 256 GB

- Storage: > 256GB SSD > 32 TB HDD

- CPU: > 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.3G, 18C/36T

- GPU: > 4x Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIe


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