Teacher Application ​​​​​​​

(WorldData TA V9a)


​​​​​​​Teacher Application supports teachers in receiving information from the school, students, parents. Besides, the app also provides teachers with utilities so that they can handle daily tasks on the application quickly.

The application is a quick and convenient channel of communication and information exchange between teachers and schools, between teachers and students and between teachers and parents of students. Teachers can also handle their work on the application.



- Allow receiving notices from the school, from professional groups, from classes 

- Send/receive notices to/from the classes, to/from the parents associations, etc.

- Communicate, comment, express their feelings on the notice received.

Classroom management    

- Update class information such as class size, class diagram.

- Manage school attendance information such as late attendance, dropout, etc.

Internal chat    

- Chat privately with teachers, with students, with students' parents by text, voice, files.

- Exchange information in groups 

- Personalize personal chat threads such as changing the interface, expressing emotions, deleting chats, etc. 

- Connect smartly with leaders, with colleagues inside and outside the education field.

Communication book    

- Manage the students’ electronic communication books, send notices to parents notifying the students’ academic results.

- Manage class schedules.

Score book, log book     

- Manage, view subjects' scores, final scores; enter comment and evaluation.

- Manage, view information of classes during the day, view teacher information, view comments on the classes.

Document management    

- Statistics of documents such as documents waiting for processing, incoming documents, outgoing documents.

- Process incoming/outgoing documents, send for approval.

Mail management    

- Integrate personal mail system to manage personal mails.

Manage work schedule, training schedule    

- View personal  schedules over time; view the number of personal  schedules in the day.

- Create personal  schedules, see conflict schedules.

- Manage training programs.

Manage materials     

- Allow uploading materials, managing  materials in folders, managing authorized materials.

- Read personal materials right on the app, edit  materials.

Virtual assistant    

- Look up information by voice such as weather, location, etc.

- Automatic reading of the documents, automatic translation.

- Voice commands.

- Smart assistant with smart chatbot system.

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, JavaScript

- Database: NoSQL, MySQL

- Operating system: Windows server 2019, x64

Hardware requirements

- Ram: 8GB

- Disk: 250GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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