Medical Booking Online ​​​​​​​

(WorldData MBO V9a)


​​​​​​​Medical Booking Online provides users and patients with application to remotely schedule their health checks at hospitals and health centers in the area, enabling patients to proactively schedule medical appointments with doctors, take initiative during the checks, reducing the time spent for waiting at hospitals.

In addition to allowing users to schedule their health checks in advance so that they can manage their time, register the doctors of their choice, the application also allows viewing medical history, medical records so that the check and treatment can be easier and more and effective.



- Post notices to provide news, events related to medical examination and treatment to people.
- Post urgent medical notices to the public.
- Scientific information that can help people prevent and treat common diseases.
- Information to help people make a preliminary diagnosis of diseases.
- Information on drug use instructions. 

Clinics information    

- Post information about clinics like address, working time, and specialties so people can choose a clinic to go to.
- Information about doctors, working so that people can find out about the doctors before deciding on their health checks. 

Book a health check    

- Allows searching for clinics by location, by disease group.
- Allows choosing doctors in the clinics to schedule the visit.
- Allow selecting available time frame to schedule an appointment.
- Allow scheduling reminders, changing examination time.
- Allow viewing the history of past health checks.
- Allow evaluation of the clinic after the examination is completed.

Integrate identity management system    

- The application allows the use of a common identifier to identify people for login, thereby automatically filling in the necessary information when registering an examination.
Virtual assistant    
- Allow questions and answers on common diseases, how to use common medicines.
- Search for clinics by voice, search for nearest clinic, pharmacy.

System architecture

Technical solutions used

- Programming language:  Java, Javascript

- Database: MySQL, NoSQL

- Operating system: Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- Ram: 8GB

- Disk: 250GB      

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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