Medical Reminder  

(WorldData MR V9a)


​​​​​​​Medical Reminder is designed to provide patients and doctors with an appointment scheduling service, which helps doctors to best schedule patient visits, avoiding overlap between patients.

The app helps the patients to have a more relaxed spirit in medical examination and treatment.

Help the disease change in the best way.

Besides, the app helps patients receive notifications of their medical examination quickly.

When the doctor makes a notice about the patient's examination schedule, the system will quickly send a notification to the patient's machine so that the patient can know his/her time and location accurately and conveniently.

WorldData MR V9a (Medical Reminder) and Medical Booking Online app, are two applications that help doctors and patients to quickly schedule a medical examination.

The app helps reduce patients' waiting time in the queue for examination.

Contribute to improving medical examination and treatment services. Help the patients have a good spirit in medical examination and treatment.


Account management    

- Add, delete and search for clinics by different criteria.

- Select and change clinic information.

- Manage examination process.

Tracking patient records    

- Look up patient information.

- Look up medical history.

- Look up treatment results.

Keep track of doctor records    

- Look up doctor information.

Notices of examination schedule    

- Notify medical examination schedule to patients and doctors

- Notify change of medical examination schedule.

- Repeat notifications by period/time.

- Re-notify of medical examination schedule before its date.

- Do statistics of medical examination schedule.

- Configure medical examination schedule notification.

Information exchange    

- Private/Group chatting.

- Create and close threads.

- Filter and view threads by chat tag pinned.

- Edit and delete nicknames.

- Configure chat interface.

- View information of the person who is chatting with you.

- Search for chat threads.

- Configure notifications.

- Manage chat groups 

- Manage chat group members.

- Authorize members and switch to private chatting with a member in the group. 

- Create chat groups for jobs/announcements.

- Tag management

- Reply to messages in tag, notification window, in the current and new threads.

- Messaging utility

- Send image and text messages.

- Manage tags, photos sent

- Share, pin and find important messages

- Reply to messages from doctors, patients in chat groups and create new chat threads. 

- Reply to messages in the current/new threads.

- Tag patients/doctors in messages.

- Retrieve, share, pin a message

- Search for pinned messages

- Mark important messages

- Search for important messages

- View list of reacting people.

- Manage shared files: view file list, download files, filter shared files, etc.

- Download photos, filter shared photos.

System management    

- Manage users

- Manage user roles

- Manage user groups.

- Manage permissions for groups.

- Manage user information.

- Manage login and logout.

- Manage personal account

- Database management

- Backup database.

- Restore Database.

- Manage shared categories

- Manage the list of medical examination divisions.

- Manage system access logs

- Session management.

- View session information.

- Management of system parameters.

System architecture


Used technical solutions

- Programming language: Java, Javascript

- Database: MySQL, NoSQL

- Operating system: Ubuntu

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64


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