(WorldData EL V9a)


​​​​​​​eLearning allows online trainings to equip individuals of agencies/organizations with professional and advanced knowledge of all fields, thereby helping agencies/organizations to save time and cost consumed for travelling among offices.

The system provides the full set of theoretical lessons, practices, tests and online communication. It also supports the adding of practices as required by each course, thereby improving the training result.

Online learning also helps individuals to flexibly manage their time for learning and store their learning materials in an easy way. The checking, supervising will be done remotely and automatically by class administrators or by departments in charge of organizing such courses, thereby helping the agencies/organizations increase working time and improve work efficiency



- Manage courses, learners: Allow adding new courses, updating courses, monitoring and assessing learning results, etc.

- Manage learning schedules: Authorize courses to relevant learners. Monitor the completion progress by each learner.

- Manage lectures: Add new or update contents for the lectures to include new knowledge and technologies, ensuring that the lectures can solve today’s issues.

- Manage tests: Change, update tests and practices to make them consistent with the actual situation.

- Manage questions and answers: Update new questions and answers that are more appropriate to the actual situation.

Features for learners

- Allow learners to view the details of the courses, have the overview of the parts in one course and choose any parts to start with.

- Allow learning via video lectures. Provide learners with text explanation for the video lectures.  

- Allow taking multiple-choice tests, thereby helping lecturers to master the learning result of each learner.

- Practice system and Lab lesson: The practical part is at the end of each learning program, so that learners can improve their problem-solving skills as well as review the learned knowledge.

Introduction page

- Introduction about the training system, thereby providing learners with information and purposes of the system

- Introduction about the courses, thereby providing learners with all information about the course


- Provide outstanding news related to the courses, learning majors. Constantly updated to help learners have an overview of the fields they are interested in.

- Provide information about upcoming training courses or excellent students who are rewarded and honored after each training course.

User guide

- View instructions on login, registration, etc.

-  View instructions on how to watch the lectures, interact with the lectures; how to use the system of multiple choice tests; how to use the practice system.


- Provide information and address for receipt of support requests.

- Allow direct chat with system administrator to get answers about the system or the courses.

Sign up and sign in

- Allow new account signup. Learners can send new details to system administrators for registration of new accounts.

- Allow logging in learners’ accounts, allow retrieving password when needed. Direct users to signup page if they haven’t got accounts.

System architecture


Technical solutions used

- Programming language: Java, Liferay, Tomcat

- Database: MySQL server 5.7

- Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04

Hardware requirements

Service providing server

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB RAM

- Disk: 2x1TB

- OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Clients taking part in the training

- CPU: 2 CPU cores

- Ram: 2GB RAM

- Disk: 120GB 

- OS: Chrome, Firefox


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