Secured Instant Messaging

(WorldData IMS V9a)


​​​​​​​Secured Instant Messaging The system is designed in a way that suits all deployment needs and models. It can be deployed publicly for users, or deployed for agencies, organizations in accordance to their preexisting infrastructure or in cloud. 

The system allows users to directly communicate with others via private chat channels, or chat in groups and send files quickly, thereby helping the communications at work be much more convenient. 

The system is built based on open standard, and can be integrated into other systems upon users’ needs.



-    Allow users to exchange directly with each other via text messages. This function can be in minimized size when in the main interface, and in the full size when users open the chat page.

-    Allow users to quickly search for users to chat with, or view departmental structure to create new chat threads. 

-    Allow users to insert emoticons into messages.

-    Allow sending images and files to others in real time

-    Allow users to reply to messages, the reply will include the original message content

-    Allow users to delete and retrieve sent messages

-    Allow users to forward messages to others

-    Allow users to mark important contents in one chat thread. Such contents will be saved to a list for future view. 

-    Allow users to nicknames in conversations

-    Allow users to view the entire list of attachments, photos in a conversation. The files can be viewed directly or downloaded to users’ machines. 

-    Allow users to use emoticons for their messages

-    Allow users to manage conversations, delete conversation history

-    Allow users to turn off notifications of new messages for a chat thread in a specified time or until users turn them back on. 

-    Allows users to configure notifications of new messages: All, upon mentions, turn off, or when there are replies.

-    Allow users to tag chat threads for categorization 

-    Allow users to sync files and messages from the computers to their phones

Chat group

-    Allow users to create group conversations between multiple members

-    Allow users to change the name of the chat group according to the topic of current exchange. 

-    Allow users to set nicknames for chat group members

-    Allow users to view members of chat groups, add new members, or remove members from the group

-    Allow users to leave the group 

System architecture


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