Public administration system ​​​​​​​

(WorldData OPS V9a)


​​​​​​​Public administration system includes One-stop shop system and Online public services. The system assists agencies, organizations to provide public services level 3, 4 to citizens, businesses. Organizations can configure information entry forms with dynamic form creation tools, configure dynamic document processing flows. Citizens and businesses can access the system and create profiles, download attachments and send registration documents to the organizations.

The system is designed to suit all one-stop models and to interconnect all units implementing one-stop systems.   Its toolkit can be used for automatic configuration actions like defining work processing procedure, defining fields for processing, creating and managing the forms for receipt, creating reports with customized criteria.


Public administration

- Allow adding, editing, deleting fields/profiles.

- Centralized management: Configure domain for the system, configure general settings for the system.

- Forms: Allow creating, editing and configuring forms (email, SMS, note, etc.), forms used in documents, blank forms of documents (to create reports).

- Reports: Allow managing dynamic report templates, notifications (mail, SMS) sent in each specific case

- Category: Allow configuring properties for documents (business type, field, type of document, etc.)

- Organizational structure: Allow managing officials in the organization, authorizing the handling of documents.

- Public services and backup: Allow managing interconnection to egovOnline; backup, restore data files, databases

Manage general configuration

- Allow configuring some common components for the whole system such as: the number of records per page, the method of notifications, page size list, etc.

- Allow configuring location for file storage, configuring size of the attachments, configuring file formats to be attached, and configuring the default avatars of officials

- Allow declaring the default email address used for sending alerts (alerts about document processing, alerts about meeting schedules, etc.)

- Allow authenticating, configuring mechanism for logging in the system: Log in with eGov account, login with LDAP, login via Open ID.

- Allow configuring requirements for users’ passwords.

- Allow configuring the number of news displayed when searching, configuring the address of the search server.

- Allow configuring image attachment to documents (images are displayed in the software interface)

- Allow configuring the address of the messaging service to send mobile messages to users and citizens. In addition, you can configure the conditions for sending messages to mobile phones when document is sent to someone's account.

- Allow configuring the address and account to interconnect to other systems like mail system, chat system, calendar system, and so on.

System authorization

- Allow adding/editing/deleting users; it’s also possible to add/edit/delete units.

- Allow authorizing hierarchy administration: super admin, office admin, sub admin..

Management of organizational structure

- Allow adding/editing/deleting users/units to/from the system

- Allow adding/editing/deleting positions/titles or adding/editing/deleting users based on the structure of the organization.

One-stop document management

- Add, edit, delete fields/documents

- Add, edit, delete procedures/forms

- Add, edit, delete types of documents/numbering/codes/document books/types of sending documents/work time.

- Add, edit, delete addresses/papers/citizens/authorizations/normative documents/administrative templates.

Public administration

- Public services: Allow citizens to register public services, look up documents, view statistics, QA, pay fees, look up by bar code/QR code, etc.

- One-stop documents: Allow online receipt of documents, allow attaching files to documents, allow printing receipt of documents, allowing configuring personal information of officials, allow forwarding documents to others for processing, allow editing the forms/templates, allow setting deadline for document processing, allow tracking and searching for documents.

Model for connection/integration with other systems​​​​​​​

Hardware requirements

- CPU: 8 CPU cores

- Ram: 16GB

- Disk: 500GB

- OS: Windows Server


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