SEC Anti-Ddos



WorldData SEC anti-Ddos is a solution that helps protect your services on the internet against DDoS attacks and unwanted users. WorldData SEC anti-Ddos is built to ensure protection for different types of popular services like web, mail, DNS, etc.

With the ability of in-depth package analysis, the device will protect and ensure high availability for those popular services in the context of all volume-based attacks like UDP flood, ICMP flood, SYN Flood, DNS Amplification, NTP Amplification, SSDP and so on.

WorldData SEC anti-Ddos ensures automatic and continuous update of new types of volume-based  attacks.




Deep Packet Inspection Technology:

  • Be able to analyze and understand 95% of package types and protocols on the Internet.
  • Provide deeper and more accurate analysis of packages thanks to the use of AI
  • Provide better support for common services

Threshold-based Mitigation

  • Have the ability to customize the threshold limit of each rule
  • Have self-study ability and be able to be adapted to suit each system

Network Layer Attack Mitigation

  • Early detect and prevent signs of attacks, with latency smaller than 1 second.
  • SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood
  • RST Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • Fragmented Packet  Flood

HTTP Attack Mitigation

  • Ensure protection against all types of web application attacks.
  • Support SSL/HTTPS protocols.
  • Quick response, in less than 1 second.

Application Layer Attack Mitigation

  • Support several popular services.
  • DNS reflection Attack Mitigation
  • NTP reflection Attack Mitigation
  • SNMP reflection Attack Mitigation
  • Game service Attack Mitigation
  • Commercial service Attack Mitigation

Advanced Functions

  • Real-time Dashboard and monitoring
  • Attack Campaign Alert


Versions and specifications



Branch and Small Office


Data Center

Hardware Specification

10/100/1000Base-T Ports









2 x  480 GB SSD

2 x  480 GB SSD

2X 960 GB SSD



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