WorldData SEC WAF is a web application firewall that helps to protect web application against new generation DDoS attacks. WorldData SEC WAF can protect web applications and web services based on advanced technologies, helping users to avoid threats of information theft, phishing, system vulnerability exploit, etc.

WorldData SEC WAF provides administrators with real-time monitoring, easy access and configuration via an easy-to-use intuitive interface. Allow administrators to get information about the system without spending a lot of time.



Ensure the availability of the system: Provide tool to ensure the system is always available with multiple intelligent load balancing and sharing technology.

Real-time traffic monitoring: Provide solution for monitoring web traffic; details of web traffic include IP addresses, geographical locations, User-Agent, Referrers, IP address, etc. Provide administrators with the overview of the situation, helping them handle and master the situation easily when incidents occur.

Detect abnormal access: Automatically prevent and alert administrators via SMS and email.

Speed up web applications: Provide intelligent balancing mechanism to help the applications operate effectively and safely, minimizing consumption of application server resources.

WAF – AI-powered to prevent web application attacks:

  • Path Traversal and LFI, RFI
  • SQL Injection
  • XML Injection
  • Command Injection
  • Cross site scripting
  • HTTP Pollution
  • LDAP Injection

Intelligent report and alert system: Friendly user interface, easy to manage and extract reports. Periodically send reports to help administrators to understand the system situation without spending a lot of time to synthesize.

Prevent Network Layer DDoS attacks: IP based DDoS attack, UDP based DDoS attack, TCP based DDoS attack: WorldData SEC WAF prevents all invalid connections and fake packages. The device blocks all ports which are not web service ports to hide information of the system. For flood attacks, the system will have a mechanism to limit traffic, bandwidth and package frequency; therefore, web services can work normally.

Anti DDoS – AI-powered to prevent DDoS attacks in Application layer:

  • HTTP Slowread
  • HTTP Flood
  • HTTP Slowloris
  • HTTP Slowbody

Update identification samples and data on attack risks from trusted analysis and data sharing systems.


Versions and specifications



Branch and Smal Office


Data Center

10/100/1000Base-T Ports









1 x 120GB SSD

2 x 250GBSSD




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