Privileged access management solution


PAM (Privileged Access Management) is a set of solutions that secure and ensure centralized management of system admin accounts and privileged access sessions; automatically control accesses to resources, settings; control changes to policy and configuration of the system.


Manage and store passwords in a centralized way

- Allow accounts to log in (including emergency access) the system without entering actual login credentials on the target system.

Manage password change

- It is possible to randomly change passwords by scheduling and storing those passwords in secure area. There is a control mechanism to determine if the password status has been changed, thereby helping to restore the previous password.

Manage login sessions

- Users automatically log in RDP and SSH sessions without password.

Support users control

- Intervene directly in user actions (directly stop user actions)

- Control and allow searching of user behaviors affecting the system via recorded images, then clearly define the responsibilities of each user.

- Provide tools for monitoring, administrating and overall reporting on user usage in the system (via Dashboard and analytical management reports)

System architecture


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