Intrusion detecting and warning system



WorldData SEC NetInspect is the monitoring and tracking system of objects including: network, Server resource, website service, data from profession systems.

The system monitors the objects’ activities according to pre-configured criteria and thresholds. Monitoring is implemented by alert tools which are the sensors installed on server. These sensors have duties to collect data and return the system to analyze alert information. Sensors’ activities are monitored and warned when encountering any issues (sensor is not responding, sensor cannot not send data to server due to broken connection, etc.).


The system will alert upon the abnormal issue happens (network is unconnected, CPU usage is overloaded, website is down, data is not returned, etc.) to the related people via various kinds (SMS, email) and to various positions (if alerts are not solved by the staff, it will be sent to the higher positions).


Website: allows Administrator to configure the alert package (list of alert receiver, type to receive alert), alerts (scanning circle, alert circle, information of alert object), alert log statistics.

Tool: installed on the servers to be monitored, alerted; responsible for scanning the monitoring information and return to alert website.

Services: include alert information receipt, alert sending

Administrators configure alert package and alert.

Periodically, alert scanning service (installed on alert tool) will record information of alert objects and send to alert receiving service.




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