Total Network Access Control Solution


Total Network Access Control is the information security policy management solution in the enterprise network. This is the combination of ensuring security policies and policy control are strictly enforced, helping computer systems to ensure information security.


Control the use of software:

  • Each employee is allowed to use authorized softwares and is required to install the softwares that the administrators require. Administrators can configure these lists of softwares.
  • Policy violations on the computers will be displayed to users and sent to admin server.
  • Employees can perform tasks to handle violations: install authorized softwares, remove unauthorized softwares through the softwares interface.

Control connected devices with memory:

  • Support specifying computers allowed to use connected devices for a specified period of time.
  • Support blocking data writing to connected devices, only allow data reading only from these devices to avoid data leak.
  • Support to absolutely prevent the use of connected devices: do not allow data reading/writing, automatically detect and disconnect immediately .

Control computer usage:

  • Support to automatically lock computer screen after a period of inactivity of the user to prevent unauthorized use of the computer.
  • Support data sharing control, monitoring the sharing on many levels: completely prevent folder sharing with data storage machines that need absolute security; apply shared time limit to avoid long-term sharing with regular computers.
  • Support specifying unauthorized websites (may differ for each individual). Automatically detect invalid access to the web and alert the offender to discontinue access to these sites.
  • Support monitoring the use of remote software: Administrators can authorize employees to use remote software for both directions. When the remote software works on the user’s computer, the solution will force such software to stop working if the user is not authorized to use.

Control computer resource usage:

  • Support to control data transmission from the computer, prevent data copying via network: detect data transmission and alert user to check the activities of the computer. If data transfer is not intended to work properly, then more in-depth checks can be implemented to detect data theft attacks in a timely manner.
  • Support monitoring security configuration: automatically set the security configuration of Windows as:  Turn on auto update for Windows to update the patches, Turn on Windows firewall to monitor network access. Set up password to ensure the computer password is sufficiently difficult and is changed frequently, avoiding the risk of password detection attacks.

System administration:

  • Support to manage decentralized administrator’s account, allow to set up administrator’s account with different levels of authority.
  • Support management of computers in groups, put computers into groups in accordance with the organizational structure.
  • Support flexible policy establishment by group or by computer
  • Support to establish software management policy
  • Support to establish device monitoring policy
  • Support to establish policy to monitor the use of computer
  • Support to establish computer resource control policy
  • Allow statistics of security policy violations according to the options: By period of time, By type of alert, By computer needs statistics


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