Security solution for email


Anti-spam solution for email server is a solution that detects and eliminates spam emails, malicious emails, thereby protecting the entire email system of agencies, organizations and individuals against threats delivered via emails.

The solution utilizes comprehensive testing technologies, analyzing all components of the emails to detect problems like fake email, phishing email, malicious email, spam email. Integrated deep- analysis AI technology makes the system capable of wide and accurate identification.

Anti-spam solution for email server provides easy and convenient administration. Ensure safety and security for users' information and email contents. The solution allows automatic warning when there are abnormalities in the system about the amount of spam or malicious emails, periodically issues reports to help system administrators keep up with the latest situation.


Use multi-layer mechanism to identify spam and malicious emails

  • DNS blacklist technology helps to identify IP spam.

  • Authenticate valid users and mail sending servers

  • Use Google API safe browsing to check malicious URLs

  • Use AI Scan Engine to scan and detect malicious attachments

  • Use AI technology to analyze all components of email

  1. Mechanism is available to allow administrators to configure quickly in case of handling incidents

  • Use whitelist/blacklist for quick handling of sending addresses and sending email servers.

  • Allow configuring every pattern in emails’ contents to decide blocking

Apply AI technology with extensive identification

  • Scan attachments using AI technology for malware detection.

  • Analyze all components in the emails using AI technology for spam detection

Fully administer via easy-to-use web system

  • Web interface which is easy to use and supports the administration of every component of the system

  • Issue periodical reports about the system situation

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: 8 CPU cores

  • Ram: 16GB

  • Disk: 500GB

  • OS: Window Server


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