SOC – Security Operations Center

Along with the rapid development of network infrastructure scales and services, applications, the challenge in ensuring security is increasingly harder for system administrators.

  • You wonder how many computers are infected in our system ?

  • You wonder if the website system is attacked by hackers ?

  • You wonder whether any computers in the system are controlled by hackers and send data to them ?

These are also common concerns for leaders and managers of information systems. There are requirements for timely detection of attack signs, thereby localizing and minimizing possible damages.

We provide the solution suite for Security Operations Center with the full options of technologies, procedures to human resources to build a comprehensive security operations center.

The benefits of our solutions include:
Security operations center (SOC) that provides 24/7 updates on the security status in the whole system
Connect data of all important components in the system such as firewall devices, network devices, servers, workstations, while monitoring the entire network traffic, etc.
These data will be processed and analyzed to detect abnormalities, thereby displaying warnings to managers for timely processing.
The functions of our solutions include:

Provide the ability to protect system weaknesses by preventing invalid connections

Identify, classify and prevent attack data streams to the services that need protection according to different applications and protocols.

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DoS / DDoS attack preventing device
Detect and prevent DoS / DDoS attacks to ensure the availability of systems, applications and services Read more
Web attack preventing system

Protect web application against application-layer attacks, using in-depth analysis of the web application, its data structure as well as its normal operating logic.

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Load balancing system

Provide specialized functions to balance the load of enterprise network with powerful hardware and flexible Outbound load balancing algorithms.

  • The system provides multiple WAN connections while ensuring 24/7 stable internet connection for users in the network.
  • Commonly used algorithms such as Wighted Balance and Priority preferred for intranet users.
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VPN System

Provide virtual private network solutions with many modern security encryptions to ensure maximum security of the systems:

  • Support authentication protocols SSL, IPSec
  • Client-to-site and site-to-site
  • Support encryption algorithms: 3DES, AES-128, AES-256

Supports both Site-to-Site and Remote Access deployment models

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Network access control

Network Access Control (NAC) controls network access, monitors and detects intrusion with a full set of features including web authentication methods (Captive-portal) for sign-in or log-in, managing wireless and wired devices collectively, supporting 802.1X, isolating in layer-2 for problematic devices, integrating IDS and network vulnerability scanner.

 The device can be used to effectively monitor and secure the network from small to large enterprise networks.

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Privileged access management solution

The solution ensures centralized management of system administration accounts, privileged access sessions automatically in controlling access to resources, settings, changing policies and con­figuration on the system.

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Intrusion detecting and warning system

The outer layer defense system, which helps detect and warn of attacks. In addition to monitoring the availability of important services in the system, the system is also capable of early detection of regional attacks – typical of APT attacks. Thereby, the system warns the administrator to quarantine, handle compromised computers, preventing hackers from digging deeper into the system.

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Cyber security monitoring and operating system

The system provides 24/7 updated information about the security of the entire system, connects data of all important components in the system such as firewall devices, network devices, servers, workstations, monitors the entire network traffic, etc. These data will be processed, analyzed to detect abnormalities, thereby displaying warnings to the administrator for timely processing. The system helps quickly detect any signs of attacks to the network, to have active response, thereby minimizing damages.

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APT attack detecting and warning system

The system collects all network information from network devices via sensors that are installed on those devices. This information is analyzed and classified into either an APT or a regular attack. From this data, the system will issue early warnings to administrators through many different ways.

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Centralized anti-malware solution

The anti-malware system for agencies and businesses. The solution is specially designed to operate under centralized management model on a single server or multiple hierarchy servers, thereby maximizing protection for each computer as well as for the entire network against the risks by viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware , etc. Have the ability to remove malware in real time, especially integrated with artificial intelligence technology (AI) to help prevent malicious code without updating identification samples beforehand. The system includes management tools that allow administrators to remotely install antivirus program, schedule scans, order scans on computers in the network.

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Solution for managing policies and preventing data leaks

The solution manages information security policies, ensures that these policies are strictly and regularly implemented, thereby ensuring information security for computers in the systems and preventing data leak. Ensures the policies are fully performed through regular monitoring and checking policy implementations on workstations. Violations will be reported to servers, helping system administrators to manage statistics and monitor the situations.

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Security solution for email

The solution identifies and eliminates spam emails, malicious emails, thereby protecting the entire system of agencies, organizations and individuals against threats by emails. AI deep analysis technology makes the system capable of wide and accurate identification. Automatically alerts when there are abnormalities in the system about the amount of spam or malicious emails, periodically exporting reports to help system administrators to keep up with the system’s situation.

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Detecting and responding solution for endpoints

The solution ensures in-depth security, combining tracking, analysis, and investigation of security risks in computer network systems, thereby allowing quick and effective response to threats detected on computers in the systems. Regularly and fully monitors activities related to information security throughout the systems. The solution supports the establishment of rules and orders to respond quickly and effectively to threats in the systems.

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